Electric Fireplace Inserts Give Clean Heat

There are many people who want a source of heat in a room but do not want to go to the trouble of installing a real flame fireplace. For those people electric fireplace inserts can also a real alternative, in that they can give good-quality heat, are easy to install, and can also mimic the look of a real fire due to the use of a virtual flame technology. There are many different types of models of the electric fireplace inserts available, and these include antique models for people who have a more traditional decor in the room. There are also many modern looking electric fireplace stoves which can fit with contemporary decoration. This article will look at the various types of electric fireplace inserts that are available, including contemporary electric fireplaces, and we'll discuss some considerations that need to be borne in mind when buying an electric fireplace heater to suit your decor and your budget.

Electric fireplace inserts have improved dramatically in recent years, and that is not only in terms of the heat output. There are many different styles of electric fireplace stove now available, and are often made in materials that include chrome, steel, and brass, giving you a wide range of options to choose from in order to find an electric fireplace heater that will fit in with the decoration off your room. If you are looking for an antique electric fireplace you now have a lot of choice with many manufacturers producing antique models of electric fireplace inserts, many of them which are done in the Victorian and Edwardian style, including models which have a coal basket in order to give a realistic antique feel.

The realistic feel is further enhanced by many electric fireplace stoves by the use of a flickering flame technology, which gives the appearance of a real fire and which can really give a warm feeling to any room along with good heat output. With many electric fireplace inserts there are now electric logs fitted as standard which glow with a realistic imitation of real wood logs. Anyone looking for a realistic electric fire should take a look at flickering flame technology and a virtual flame models in order to get the look that they want. Many contemporary electric fireplaces can provide this.

However, it isn't all just looks, because electric fireplace inserts, when used on the flame setting to create heat, can be an excellent heating source, with many models being able to choose up to 5000 BTU of heat, which is usually enough to effectively heat a room of up to 350 sq ft. An electric fireplace heater for a small to medium room can easily be found, and make an excellent source of heat. The great thing about electric fireplace stoves is that they are also portable, and do not need to be fitted into a fireplace at all. In this way electric fireplace stoves can be an excellent choice for bedrooms, studios, and playrooms, in fact any room which need to heat and where there is not a permanent heating source.

What ever the use of the electric fireplace insert, one of the main advantages is that they are easy to install, since there are no gas pipes needed, and all that is needed is for the unit to be plugged into a standard 110V power socket and you get instantaneous heat. Electric fireplace inserts are also extremely economical, and can be run just very few pennies per hour, which makes them great for rooms that need extra heat when the central heating is not quite enough.

The modern range of electric heaters comes with a full range of options, including remote control, from which you can control all the functions of the fireplace insert without having to move an inch. Many fireplace inserts that use electricity now come with blowers which can be used to help circulate the heat more effectively within the room, and of course thermostatic controls to control the heat output, and all this usually from a remote control unit.

In terms of price, you can look at anything from $200 up to $1200, with the price very much depending on the heat output you're looking for in the range of options that you need with your electric fireplace insert. There are usually models to fit into most fireplaces, and of course the larger electric fireplace stoves for the larger fireplaces will cost more. Some models of electric fire place to look at are the Dimplex DF12309, which can heat a 120sq ft room, and the Procomm 5000 BTU electric log insert, which is a realistic model with fake embers. Other models include the Classic Flame Olympia electric fireplace which is available with a mentel. This is a 33-inch insert, though there is also a Classic Flame 45-inch electric fireplace insert available, with realistic logs providing 4600 BTU of heat. Many electric fireplace inserts come with mantels, including cherry wood mantels, oak mantels, and mantles in a range of antique styles.

As can be seen, electric fireplace inserts are a choice very much worthy of consideration as a heating source for your home. With their ability to heat a small to medium sized room quickly and cheaply, as well as the fact that they now come with remote control, blowers to heat the room more effectively, as well as thermostatic controls, makes them an ideal option. Take time to do your research at the various suppliers of electric fireplace inserts and you are sure to find an electric heater which will keep you warm and fit the style of your decor.