Electric Fireplace Logs Add Visual Warmth

Everyone knows that a fireplace is about more than heat, especially when you're looking at a real fire, when one of the most entrancing things about it is the fact that you can see real flames. However, even if you have an electric fireplace there is no need to forego this pleasure, because by buying electric fireplace logs you can have the convenience of electricity and you also have the look of a real fire. Today there are many different types of electric fireplace logs on the market, in various sizes and styles, and some of them even come with sound effects to imitate the sound of the crackling logs of a real fire. This article will look at some of the various types of electric fireplace logs and discuss some considerations that need to be borne in mind when buying electric fireplace logs for your home.

You can buy electric fireplace logs that are simply add a visual element to a fireplace in that they look like real logs but they are fake. These logs have fake flames, which can really give the effect of looking at a real fire. However, some electric fireplace logs also supply heat, and so you get the best of both worlds. One such model is the 24 inch revolution electric logs set with heater, which retails for less than $400. These logs will glow just like logs in a real fire that are burning slowly and really add a cozy feeling to any room. Electric fireplace logs with a heater may be worthy of consideration if you want to move away from simply having logs as a visual element, though it is not essential since many electric fires will provide the heat and the logs are there simply to add mood to the room.

If you do want fake electric logs simply to add mood to the room then you may want to consider buying logs with a crackling effect, which are made to mimic the sound of real logs in a real fire as they burn in the flames. There are logs available in fake northern oak which have the crackling effect, and are available in 16 inch and 21 inch versions, with the previous one having a single burn window and the latter one having a double burn window. Another popular favorite type of electric fireplace logs of those made to mimic white birch, and a 24 inch version of this type of log is available for less than $200.

If you do choose electric logs that give heat you can expect to get up to 5000 BTUs out of a good set of logs. These are a good choice for vent free stoves, and many models come with a remote control which enables you to control the heat and the look of the logs from the comfort of your armchair. Most electric logs use a standard 110 volt power source, and come with various levels of flame of brightness. These type of logs also have a fan which can be used to circulate heat more effectively into the room, though before buying such a model you should make sure that the fan is of a low noise type.

As can be seen, an electric fire can also be a really nice focal point to a room by the use of electric fireplace logs, especially when the logs have a realistic crackling sound and dancing flames just like those of a real fire. In order to get the best type of electric logs for you, make sure you do some research at one of the many online fireplace accessory suppliers in order to find the right set of logs for your needs.