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Gas Grill Buying Guide

By Maria lorenzana March 12, 2021

The grilling season is here again; well, to be fair, it never left. For most Americans, hosting a backyard barbecue is an integral part of the culture regardless of the season. Thus, a lot of thought goes into making every grilling session one to remember.

Whether it is propane or natural gas barbecue grill, there are a lot of things to consider. In this article, you will find information on each grill type and a list of the best gas grills in the market today.

MASTER COOK Barbecue Propane Gas Grill with 3 Burners, 30,000 BTU and two foldable shelves

MASTER COOK Barbecue Propane Gas Grill with 3 Burners, 30,000 BTU and two foldable shelves

How to Buy a Gas Grill

Selecting the best grill for your kitchen or backyard depends on your preferred fuel type, price range, size, style, and other extra features you want. Looking at them this way, it may look overwhelming. So let's sift through each factor.

❖    Heating Capacity

At the very least, you need a gas grill that supplies heat to your meal evenly for your food to cook well. The BTU output indicates the heating capacity of a grill. However, because BTU does not measure the evenness of heat distribution around the grill, it is paramount that you select a grill with a higher temperature range.

❖    Size

One vital thing you must consider when buying a gas grill is the size you need. There are small, medium, and large-sized grills on the market. It all depends on the number of people you estimate that you will cook for regularly.

Grills are grouped into sizes using their estimated square inch range. A gas grill of about 400 – 500 square inches is large enough to cater to most people's needs. If you cook for no more than 4 people at a time, we advise that you get a 2-burner gas grill. However, if you host a barbecue for a large crowd, say your full household or community, you should consider a larger gas grill model. In this case, you will need at least a three-burner grill model.

❖    Aesthetics

Yes, the primary purpose of getting a grill is for cooking purposes; however, there is no rule against the grill being stylish. Gone are the days when manufacturers produced grills only in the traditional black and stainless steel model. Today, you can find some seriously stylish barbecue grills that give your backyard a really chic look.

A lot of grill manufacturers now offer you products in different colors of enamel. Also, you get to choose other features like whether your grill should have cabinet doors to hide the propane tanks and so many more.

❖    Fuel Type

If you take a look around, you will find that there are over a hundred different types of grills in the market today. Because of the wealth of options you are faced with, narrowing it down to one BBQ grill can be challenging. However, choosing the right fuel type for your grill is a smart place to start.

Among the popular fuel types for barbecue grill are Propane, natural gas, and charcoal. As a guide, to answer what kind of fuel type is best for you, you must first isolate your preferred cooking style and the degree of convenience you hope to enjoy.

❖    Extra Features

Asides from looking out for a grill model that can help you host superb barbecues, it is important that you look out for extra features. These features can make the overall meal prep a smoother and more enjoyable one.

For example, BBQ grills with side burners provide you with a great place to heat your side dishes easily. Also, grills with wheels on all four legs make it easy for you to transport the grill whenever the need arises. If the wheels also have a locking mechanism, it would make the grill even more preferable.

Other gas grills may have wireless temperature monitors, built-in LED lights, automatic starters, and so much more. There are even grills with detachable upper cooking grates that can be used to cook veggies indirectly.

Propane or Natural Gas Grills: Which is Better?

The debate over which grill fuel type is best (natural gas or propane) has dragged on for a long time. We can't really say which the better option between propane and natural gas is on the surface level. To a large extent, the better choice is dependent on you – how you prefer to cook and the ease you expect to get from the grill. However, we can stir you in the right direction by highlighting both propane and natural gas grills' pros and cons.

1.     Natural Gas Grills

BBQ grills that use natural gas as a fuel are very common and make use of a conversion kit that connects the BBQ grill to your natural gas supply line. If you love to grill, it would be wise to look at natural gas BBQs because it will definitely cost lower than refueling your propane grill.


  • More control over the heat supplied and its distribution around the cooking surface
  • Cleaner source of fuel thanks to its use of greenhouse gases
  • It is a cheaper fueling option for your grill.
  • No tank refill is needed, unlike with propane grills, since the supply is never-ending.


  • You will be unable to move your BBQ grill from its position because it is connected directly to your home's gas line.
  • High upfront costs in terms of getting the grill and installing the natural gas line.
  • It does not burn as hot as a propane grill because only an estimated 1000 BTUs per cubic feet is produced.
  • The odorant used may impact the taste of your meal negatively.


2.     Propane BBQ Grill

If portability means much to you, then propane grills are the way to go. They offer you the option of switching up your grill location whenever you please.


  • Lower upfront cost in terms of getting a propane grill model
  • Improved mobility and flexibility as the grill does not have to be positioned close to a fuel line.
  • It burns hotter than natural gas, thus creating a better grilling experience. It produces as much as 2500 BTUs per cubic feet instead of the 1000 BTUs per cubic feet produced by natural gas grill models.
  • No added odorant; thus, your food is not affected by any unwanted taste.


  • Refilling the propane tanks can pose a bit of an inconvenience.
  • Higher operational cost in the long run
  • If you love to grill often, you may be concerned with the risk of running out of fuel mid grill because of the limited supply.

Best Gas Grills of 2021

Narrowing your options down to one gas grill can be a bit of a challenge. To help, we have compiled a list of the best BBQ gas grills available this year. You have the option of choosing a propane-fueled grill or a natural gas grill. You will find a list of the pros and cons of both of these options above.

Find our 2021 top gas grill picks below.

Weber Q 3200

In general, natural gas grills cost considerably more than propane gas grills. However, with as low as $500, you can get the Weber Q 3200 grill, which boasts a cooking space of over 468 square inches. Weber Q 3200 has two stainless steel burners that supply you with as much as 21700 BTU per hour.


  • It has a small footprint; thus, it is perfect for a patio or deck.
  • It has two fold-down side tables and wheels.
  • Has a cooking area of 462 square inches and a warming rack of 75 square inches.
  • It comes with an in-built electronic ignition and thermometer.
  • It heats up evenly and is easy to clean.


  • It burns faster than propane gas because it uses natural gas.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Propane Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit II E-210 has two burners with top-notch heating capability. The grill preheats quickly and cooks your meals evenly. Apart from its sturdy design, it is durable and resistant to corrosion.


  • It comes with a primary cooking surface of 360 square inches and an additional 90 square inches as a warming rack.
  • It is easy to clean thanks to the porcelain enameled cast iron grates.
  • You have up to 26,500 BTU heating capacity and an electronic igniter.
  • The grill comes with four wheels at the base to allow for easy movement.
  • As for extras, the grill comes with six tool hooks, a lid-mounted thermometer, and two stainless steel fold-down tables.


It costs more than other propane grills.

Weber Genesis II S-435 Gas Grill

With four stainless steel burners, a searing station burner and a side burner, Weber Genesis II S-435 Gas Grill is not your everyday grill. It's sturdy and durable and has a large cooking space to allow you to prepare many meals at a go.


  • It has a wide cooking surface.
  • It is compatible with the Weber connect accessory; thus, you can sync it to your device and monitor the temperature easily.
  • It is made from top quality materials and is highly durable.


  • It is expensive


When it comes to grilling, everybody has their own opinion on which grill type is best. However, there is no clear-cut rule that states one fuel type is better than the other. So, whether you choose to go for a propane grill or natural gas grill is dependent on you. To help, you can check out our top barbecue grills.

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