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Redefining Warm and Comfort at Home with Gas Fireplace

By Areviews App Collaborator September 02, 2018

For many centuries, families and friends gathered around a fire to keep them warm, converse, and even cook their meals. These modern days, most American homes have a central heating system, but the appeal of a fire is still there.

family with gas fireplace

Today, gas fireplaces are designed to look more realistic and need less maintenance, yet it can warm up the entire room. There are three types of gas fireplaces:

Gas inserts is a gas fireplace that can fit into an existing wood burning fireplace.

Built-ins are fireplaces that can be set up in the wall where there was not formerly.

Log sets are gas burners that are placed in existing fireplaces and are usually for aesthetic purposes rather than heat.

A gas fireplace is not a DIY project. Installing of this type of fireplace should be done by a professional who can determine that the fireplace is vented properly.

On Ventilation

A gas fireplace may not release smoke or leave ashes just like a traditional wood burning fireplace. But they emit carbon monoxide and other chemicals. This is the reasons why most of gas fireplaces and inserts are vented-style so that it allows to recycle the air and exhaust directly by an exterior opening.

But there are vent-free gas fireplaces available and can be installed anywhere. These kinds of gas fireplaces do not need to have an exterior wall opening. They need to be cleaner burning and with an oxygen-depletion sensor that closes the fireplace if the oxygen level is very low in the room. However, if you are planning to get a gas fireplace or insert, check if your place allows these vent-free fireplaces. They are not allowed in California and New York City.

Why gas fireplace?

A gas fireplace can be installed almost anywhere in your home. It gives a clean and low maintenance look. You can control the temperature of the “fire” with its built-in thermostat and start the fire by using a button or a switch. This type of fireplace is efficient. There are some versions that offer built-in fans that help heat the whole room faster.


Gas fireplaces have so many benefits. But before getting a gas fireplace, look for professionals who can give you professional advice in choosing the right one that your home needs.

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