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I’m trying to locate my rating plate and serial number, but I cannot find them

By Pedro Calcano January 01, 2024 0 comments

I’m trying to locate my rating plate and serial number, but I cannot find them. What do I do?

A person in a workshop surrounded by appliances with visible serial numbers.

Locating the rating plate and serial number on your home appliances or manufactured homes can be a confusing task. These identification tools are crucial for maintenance, repair services, and even resale.

This article will guide you through simple procedures to find these often hidden details with ease. Ready to embark on this search mission? Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Rating plates and serial numbers are important details located on home appliances like fireplaces, stoves, or gas logs. They help in repair services, maintenance, and track compliance with federal standards.
  • These crucial markers can often be found in hidden spots such as inside kitchen cabinets or on the main electrical panel door which makes them difficult to locate. Over time renovations might also cause these identifiers to get misplaced.
  • Locating these vital details involves a systematic search based on specific guidelines provided for different appliances. Consulting manufacturers' manuals or directly contacting them may aid this process significantly.
  • If you still cannot find your rating plate and serial number despite efforts, seeking professional help is recommended for accurate results and to avoid compromising personal safety.

Importance of Rating Plate and Serial Number

A close-up of a manufactured home's rating plate and serial number.

The rating plate and serial number serve as the 'identity card' of your manufactured home. These identifiers offer insights about key aspects such as manufacturing plant, model designation, production date, and compliance with federal standards.

These crucial details aid in securing financing for your double-wide home or even getting homeowners insurance without a hitch.

Furthermore, these documentations endorse that your housing aligns with the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards set by HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).

This signifies adherence to strict construction guidelines including wind zone capacity, snow load calculations, and roof load requirements. If you wish to sell or buy a house through approved lenders or utilize FHA mortgage limits service offered by HUD's Office of Manufactured Housing Programs, possessing valid rating plates is mandatory.

Challenges in Locating Rating Plate and Serial Number

Homeowner searches for rating plate and serial number in kitchen cabinet.

Locating the rating plate and serial number of a manufactured home can prove to be difficult due to various reasons. One of the primary challenges stems from the fact that these plates are often placed in obscure locations such as inside kitchen cabinets, on the interior of closets, or on the main electrical panel door.

Consequently, homeowners may overlook these spots during their search. Additionally, over time, wear and tear or renovations might damage or remove these crucial markers unintentionally.

Furthermore, past owners may have misplaced essential documentation if they did not properly understand its importance. Lastly, for homes built prior to June 15th 1976 - before HUD mandated specific construction standards - finding identifying information can become an even greater challenge as it was not consistently provided at this time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Locate Rating Plate and Serial Number

The image shows a close-up of a stove's rating plate and serial number.

This section provides a detailed, easy-to-follow guide on how to locate your rating plate and serial number on different home appliances such as fireplaces, stoves, and gas logs. You'll learn where typically these crucial data tags are found along with various tips to make the search easier.

Stay tuned so you won't miss out on this vital information.

On Fireplaces

Finding the rating plate and serial number on a fireplace often requires a little bit of investigation.

  1. Begin by identifying the type of fireplace you have: gas, wood-burning or electric are common types.
  2. Check near the access panel or behind the fireplace doors, these locations usually house the necessary information.
  3. In gas fireplaces specifically, look around the burner pan or on the metal plate attached to your gas log set.
  4. For wood - burning fireplaces, inspect both inside and outside as sometimes these details can be found on an external body part.
  5. If you have an electric fireplace, chances are that this data may be inscribed on electrical panel door or at the back side of your unit.
  6. Use a flashlight for better visibility if needed, especially when scouting hard-to-reach areas.
  7. Always ensure safety before looking; let everything cool down in case of recent use.
  8. Consult with your manufacturer's guide or contact them directly if all else fails.

On Stoves

Locating the rating plate and serial number on your stove is a straightforward process if you know where to look. Here's a simple guide:

  1. Check for a metal plate: This plate contains vital information about your stove, including the serial number. You'll typically find it attached to the stove.
  2. Explore the top of pellet stoves: If you own a pellet stove, you'll usually find the serial number situated on its top surface.
  3. Inspect behind the blower on coal stoves: Coal stoves often hide their serial numbers at the back, particularly positioned behind the blower.
  4. Look out for a tag: You might not always find a metal plate. In some cases, particularly with specific coal stoves, manufacturers opt for tags instead.
  5. Always refer to your manufacturer's guide: All stoves are not built alike! So your unique model might have its quirks. Your manufacturer's guide can provide an exact location for crucial data like rating plates and serial numbers.

On Gas Logs

Locating the rating plate and serial number on gas logs requires a keen eye and some guidelines.

  1. Begin by inspecting the gas log set for any attached tags. Typically, manufacturers affix these tags that contain the serial number using chains, wires, or zip ties.
  2. If no tag is found readily visible, check towards the back of your gas log set. The serial numbers are often placed there.
  3. Should you still have trouble finding it, consider removing the gas log set or burner pan if this is safe to do so.
  4. Look out for stickers on the back of the burner pan; they commonly carry the required information.
  5. Finally, ensure you always refer to your specific fireplace or stove manual as it may have specific instructions on locating these important details. It's crucial not to violate any safety protocols during this process.
  6. Consider hiring a professional in fireplace repair and maintenance if you are unsuccessful in locating the rating plate and serial number on your own.

What to Do If You Can't Find the Rating Plate and Serial Number?

Confused homeowner faced with missing fireplace rating plate and serial number.

Sometimes, finding the rating plate and serial number can prove difficult. If you find yourself in this situation, follow these steps:

  1. Start by thoroughly checking your fireplace, stove or gas logs. The rating plate or data plate could be hiding in an out-of-sight spot.
  2. Research online for specific instructions for your model or reach out to the manufacturer directly for assistance.
  3. Look at common locations like behind the access panel or under burner pans where these plates are typically situated.
  4. Verify if there have been any major renovations that could have led to the removal of the rating and serial number tags.
  5. If you still can't locate them, contact a stove or fireplace repair specialist who can help you find these crucial details.

When to Seek Professional Help

A technician is inspecting and repairing a manufactured home fireplace.

Reaching out to a professional becomes crucial in certain circumstances. In the following scenarios, you may need to consult with an expert:.

- Struggling to locate the rating plate and serial number even after following the step-by-step guide.

- Noticing visible damages or alterations on your fireplace, stove or gas logs that could make locating these numbers harder.

- Having difficulty understanding instructions related to the location of your device's vital information.

Manufactured homes demand specific expertise for maintenance and repair jobs. This forum, specifically designed for manufactured housing discussions, can be a great resource in such cases (Fact 1).

Whether it's finding missing documentation (Fact 5) or getting advice on general repairs and renovations (Fact 3), seeking professional help is always an option worth considering. The platform allows homeowners like you not only to participate in relevant conversations but also get answers directly from experts in this field.

In addition, if you're planning any major changes like buying new appliances or modifying existing ones for your manufactured home, consulting professionals should be your top priority.

They offer valuable guidance based on their vast experience dealing with similar situations.

Remember that personal safety should never be compromised - if unsure about any aspect related to fireplaces, stoves or gas logs operation; reaching out for professional help is highly advised.

Your peace of mind regarding these matters is invaluable!


A hand holding a magnifying glass searching for a hidden rating plate and serial number.

Finding the rating plate and serial number on manufactured devices like fireplaces, stoves, or gas logs can be challenging but not impossible. Exploring various spots depending upon the appliances can lead to successful results.

In cases where you still struggle, seeking professional help is always a valid option to ensure accuracy and safety.


1. What is the HUD tag and where can I find it on my double wide home?

The HUD tag, also known as the Certification Label or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), is usually found on the cross member of your double wide home.

2. Who can help me verify my missing label?

If you're struggling with label verification, you might need to contact either a title company, your mortgage lender or request a Letter of Label Verification from The Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS).

3. How does this relate to the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards?

Your HUD Labels adhere to Section 3280.11(b) under these federal standards, ensuring that your manufactured home meets all safety regulations put forth by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD).

4. Where else could my serial number be located if not visibly present on my House?

You may find your serial number in places such as the building permit application records at your local tax and tag office, or via assistance through a trusted land-home specialist.

5. Are there any online forums I could perhaps get more information from?

Yes! Forums such as Mobile Home Park Investment & Management Forum or Manufactured Home Repair & Renovation powered by phpBB Forum Software are great resources for inquiries related to mobile homes.

6. If I face foreclosure because of unavailability of these proofs can I seek help somewhere?

Definitely! There are Councilors available at FHA-approved housing agencies who offer services like mortgage programs consultation, multifamily business advice tailored towards those facing issues similar to yours.


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