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Buyers Guide for Outdoor Kitchen Storage

By Maria lorenzana March 12, 2021 0 comments

Most homeowners want a fully functional outdoor kitchen replete with an outdoor storage area. The outdoor kitchen storage provides a place to keep pots, pans and other cooking tools within easy reach while whipping up meals outdoors. Cabinetry like cabinets, drawers and hangers are great outdoor kitchen storage equipment.

However, special consideration must be taken when getting these outdoor kitchen storage items; they must be built to withstand the changing weather conditions. Read our outdoor kitchen storage guide for more information on this.

Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Storage Cabinet with Hooks for Grill Accessories

Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Storage Cabinet with Hooks for Grill Accessories

About Outdoor Kitchens

The summer weather can be an unbearable hot season for most people. So popsicles and ice cream become the order of the day alongside grilled food and salads, of course. A simple solution to the unbearable thought of cooking indoors is having an outdoor kitchen.

Basically, an outdoor kitchen is a place outside of your house where you can prepare all your delicious meals and clean up afterwards. Of course, the kitchen has some form of heating element, be it a stove, grill, cooktop or even a pizza oven. Like your indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen also has an outdoor storage element that makes cooking easier.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

If you haven’t jumped on the outdoor kitchen bandwagon, here are 6 reasons why you need to.

❖    Energy Usage

Ever imagined a way to eliminate the stress and extra heat of running an indoor kitchen during the hot summers? Well, great news, outdoor kitchen space is exactly what you need. With your cooking outdoors, you will not need the extra cooling elements like ACs and like cooling. Consequently lowers your energy use and reduce your electricity bills.

❖    It Keeps the Smells Out of the House

You’ve most likely noticed that during summer, scents seem to be stronger. Cooking outside means that the questionable smells from canned food and pre-cooked meals stay outside. As a bonus smells from the garden blend in and make your outdoor kitchen smell even better.

❖    Great Space to Entertain

No longer does one person have to slave indoors while others feel left out. An outdoor kitchen gives everyone invited a chance to participate in the fun part of making a meal. Asides from everyone having a memorable cooking experience outdoors, outdoor kitchens reduce the crowd inside.

You can host birthday parties, galas and the likes without having to worry about people feeling cramped. Now isn’t that a delightful way to party?

❖    It is Easier to Clean Up

We are not saying that with outdoor kitchens, you will never have to clean. Rather, we are saying you’ll spend less time worrying about cleaning up. For example, you drop a bit of tart on the ground outside; oh well, it will just help with life’s process. Now compare it with when you drop it indoors and have to scuttle off looking for a broom and possibly a mop to clean it up.

You can see no that outdoor kitchens mean less worry over the kids dirtying up the floor and you having to clean it up.

About Outdoor Kitchen Storage

As with an indoor kitchen, you will need space to store your tools and cooking equipment. However, while most indoor kitchens have walls, outdoor kitchens do not. This means that you will have to create an outdoor storage space to store the items you want to keep outside. A great idea is to get rolling storage.

Another option is to get hanging storage for your pots and pans. But there’s a catch; you will have to bring the pans and pots inside once you are finished outdoors. If you don’t, you may spend time worrying about them being exposed to the elements outside.

You don’t have to stress yourself thinking of what outdoor kitchen storage equipment to utilize. A drawer, cabinet or even hanger would be perfect for your outdoor space. The catch, of course, is that these outdoor kitchen storage equipment must be weather friendly.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage Buying Guide

As a rule, with outdoor kitchen storage, less is truly more. Throw in a hanger for your pots and pans, a cabinet and a drawer, and you’re good to go. We have come up with this outdoor kitchen storage buying guide; you’ll see that it makes setting up your kitchen storage easier.

❖    Size

 As with your indoor kitchen, size influences the dimension of your outdoor kitchen storage. Go with these storage dimensions.

Small Outdoor Kitchen – 21”

Essential Outdoor Kitchen – 36”

Medium-size Outdoor Kitchen – 72’’

❖    Think Stainless Steel

Yes, you need that stylish outdoor kitchen storage facility, but one question you should ask yourself is: Can this stand up to the outdoor elements? If no, then now is a great time to drop it and move on to something that can withstand the harsh weather conditions.

A great tip is to choose kitchen storage made from stainless steel over those made from wood. One reason is that steel is weatherproof and very durable. As a bonus, you never can go wrong with the steel look in your kitchen, whether indoors or outdoors.

Of course, not all steel are equal. Thus, we advise that you look out for 304-grade steel because it is both weather and bug proof. Before you purchase any stainless steel product, check the rigidity; great steel should be stiff and not flexible.

❖    Durable Products

Another feature to look out for when selecting outdoor kitchen storage is those with welded corners. If you choose to go with wooden kitchen storage, you must ensure that they are waterproof. This will help when the rainy season swings by.

❖    WeatherProof Storage Items

Because these kitchen storage items are outdoors, you must ensure that the cabinetry can withstand the harsh elements. Regardless of what you choose, these storage items must be able to keep the items in them dry when it rains; thus, they must themselves be waterproof. 

We advise that you select outdoor kitchen storage cabinetry with seamless rain gutters and drawer opens to channel the water flow.

Best Outdoor Kitchen Storage Items of 2021

1.     Sleek Outdoor Kitchen Drawer

First, on our list is the Seeutek Outdoor Kitchen Drawer made of stainless steel. The drawers measure about 20.28 * 23.2 * 13.9 inches. The triple-layered storage drawers grant triple-layer access and are perfect for a BBQ island patio grill station or an outdoor kitchen.

The Seeutek Outdoor Kitchen Drawer is made with anti-scratch and anti-rust material. The materials made from make it even more durable and of more quality than many others in the same category. This unit would look splendid next to your serving zone or outdoor BBQ grill.

2.     Mophorn BBQ Access Door

The Mophorn stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinet is one of Amazons best sellers. It is great for storing your BBQ accessories. The great part is that it is rust-resistant, highly durable and comes with pre-drilled holes that make installation super easy. Mophorn BBQ Access Door kitchen cabinet is easy to clean.

3.     Drop-in Drawer

If you aim for outdoor storage that looks professional yet sleek, then the Drop-in drawer is perfect for you. It is made with stainless steel making it very durable and stylish. The Drop-in drawer offers you a convenient and safe place to store your BBQ tools.

4.     Keter Utility Storage Table/Prep Station

Keter Utility Storage Table/Prep Station is one of Amazon’s top-selling outdoor kitchen storage piece. It is durable and easy to assemble. The storage table is weather-resistant and has two sidebars, a spice rack, four hook hangers and a bottle opener. You can get the Keter Utility Storage Table/Prep Station in either expresso brown or graphite.

5.     WeatherStrong Key West Open Back Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

With just $246, this WeatherStrong Key West Open Back Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet can be all yours. The outdoor kitchen cabinet is weatherproof and made from the finest marine-grade polymer and stainless steel. As a result, it is both sturdy and durable. The WeatherStrong Key West Open Back Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet comes with an entire cabinetry collection (all weatherproof). These weatherproof items make expanding on what you currently have easier.

6.     RIMAX 4-Drawer Cabinet

The RIMAX 4- Drawer traditional cabinet has a rattan design and is made of resin, offering more durability. The cabinet is stain and scratch-resistant, easy to set up, and easy to clean. Its four drawers provide you with ample outdoor kitchen storage space to keep all your BBQ tools. The great part is that you can move it around easily.


Outdoor kitchens have fast become a thing, as have matching outdoor storage. A key thing to keep in mind when getting any outdoor kitchen storage equipment is durability. All selected storage items must be weatherproof to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions outdoors. Use our outdoor kitchen buying guide to select the best storage for your BBQ tools.

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