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Outdoor Kitchen Kit Buying Guide

By Maria lorenzana March 12, 2021 0 comments

An outdoor kitchen kit is one of the simplest, fastest, cost-effective ways to have your outdoor grill or kitchen island up and running. However, this cost-effective kitchen setup tool can easily become a costly mistake if care is not taken. Thus, you need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to ensure your investment pays off.

Allow us to furnish you with an outdoor kitchen kit buying guide containing this much-needed information. Ladies and gentlemen, shall we?

Cal Flame e6026-Z Metador e6026 Earth Tone Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Kit

About Outdoor Kitchen Kit?

Outdoor kitchen kits are one of the fastest cost-effective ways to build your outdoor kitchen. They simplify your kitchen’s designing and setup process by providing you with everything you need to assemble your kitchen conveniently.

The tool may include ready-to-assemble kitchen islands that contain ovens, grills, cabinets, sinks and other essential kitchen components. They come in various types and functionality. The next section throws more light on how you can choose an outdoor kitchen kit that matches your customization needs.

How to Choose a Great Outdoor Kitchen Kit

The outdoor kitchen kit comes in various styles and designs that can decide which to choose quite tough. However, certain components must be factored in. They include

❖    The Main Grilling Component

You must ensure that the outdoor kitchen kit you choose is large enough to contain the grilling components you have already in your kitchen.

❖    Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

Some of the outdoor kitchen kits come equipped with stuff that your kitchen needs, from ovens and grills to special lighting, refrigerators and, in some cases, even rooftops. Thus, you must be able to define the expectations you have for the outdoor kitchen kit.

❖    Customization

Some outdoor kitchen kits allow you to decide how your kitchen should look, from the countertops to your overall design. Others, however, leave you with no room to customize your outdoor kitchen layout and design. Thus, it is important to know the different outdoor kitchen kit types available and what they have to offer you.

In the next section, we shall look at the different types of outdoor kitchen kits.

Types of Outdoor Kitchen Kit

Basically, there are three major categories of outdoor kitchen kits, all of which can be assembled in a jiffy with the most basic tools (wench and a screwdriver).

❖    Finished Outdoor Kitchen Kits

The finished outdoor kitchen kit, as the name implies, has everything you need to set up your kitchen island. It comes with ovens and grills, refrigerators, coolers, countertop options, sinks, sidebars, and so much more. It is basically a one-step kitchen set up solution.

Everything concerning the design, layout and setup is handled for you. Purchase them and follow the easy installation guide.


  • It comes with the set design.
  • It is easy to setup
  • It is affordable


  • It takes away your freedom to choose how certain elements of your kitchen, for example, your countertop, looks.

❖    Modular Outdoor Kitchen Kits                                                                                    

The Modular outdoor kitchen kits give you the freedom you desire where choosing your outdoor kitchen design is concerned. They arrange each of your kitchen components (fridge, sink, grill, storage cabinets, etc.) in separate modules. Each module is stylish and fits perfectly with the other modules. You even get to arrange the separate modules as you wish.

Modular outdoor kitchen kit offers you a lot of benefits. Two of these benefits are that you can purchase only the number of modules you need, and the other is that you get to arrange them just the way you like them to be. That being said, you wouldn’t need to buy the outdoor fridge module if your indoor refrigerator is not so far away.

You can decide if you want a V-shaped module, an L-shaped island or a straight island. You should select one that helps fill in the corners of your outdoor kitchen.

Modular outdoor kitchen kits are manufactured and distributed by an outdoor kitchen appliance manufacture. On the flip side, it means that you don’t have to look so far to get a great outdoor kitchen kit. However, a downside to this is that you are restricted to that brand for your kitchen equipment (ovens, grills, refrigerators and everything else in between).

Pros of a Modular Outdoor Kitchen Kit

  • It offers you room to get creative with the framework of your countertop and the likes. Normally, the modular outdoor kitchen kit comes prefinished, meaning that the outer surface is finished with stone, wood, steel and the likes. With this skeletal framework, you can now design exactly how you want your siding materials and countertop to look.
  • They offer a cost-effective way for you to set up your kitchen island. You don’t have to get all the modules, only the ones which you need.
  • The modular outdoor kitchen kit allows you to select the layout of the module. Feel free to select one that matches the layout of your outdoor kitchen.


  • You are restricted to that particular modular outdoor kitchen kits manufacturers’ brand in terms of kitchen appliances.

❖    Prefabricated Ready to Finish Outdoor Kitchen Kits

Like a modular outdoor kitchen kit, a pre-framed ready-to-finished outdoor kitchen kit provides you with an easy way to set up your kitchen island in a jiffy. They are designed with a ready-to-finish concept and offer you more freedom to customize your outdoor kitchen space. If you know exactly what you want, then this pre-framed BBQ island kit is for you.

They provide you with the necessary appliances and a stylish layout, all at an affordable price. With this outdoor kitchen kit, you can finish your kitchen island the way you dream of, with your desired material.

Pros of Prefabricated Ready to Finish Outdoor Kitchen Kits

  • It provides an easy way for you to set up your outdoor kitchen.
  • Prefabricated Ready to Finish Outdoor Kitchen Kits is very durable and sturdy, thanks to the material it is made from (light-weight aluminium and stainless steel).
  • It equips you with the structure where all your appliances fit. This structure can be finished and decorated at your own discretion.
  • The pre-framed ready-to-finish outdoor kitchen kit is made with steel or light-weight aluminium, making it sturdy and durable.
  • It gives you the freedom to choose your refrigerators, grills, cabinets, sink, countertop space etc., across different brands.


The Prefabricated Ready to Finish Outdoor Kitchen Kits is more expensive than the other outdoor kitchen kits.

Top Two Outdoor Kitchen Kit of 2021

❖    RTA Outdoor Living 8 Ft Outdoor Kitchen Island Kit

RTA Outdoor Living 8 Ft Outdoor Kitchen Island Kit is made by RTA Outdoor Living and Coyote. Coyote provides you with the grills and other cooking equipment, while RTA is charged with providing the outdoor kitchen island’s framework and construction. The prefabricated outdoor kitchen kit is ready-to-assembled.

The grill is made with the finest stainless steel and is available in propane or natural gas. It has 4 burners and about 80,000 BTU, 875 square inches of cooking surface and interior lighting. The counter is about 8 inches wide and 3 feet deep, offering you as much as 17-inch square feet of preparation area.


  • It comes with an assembly guide and instructions in addition to a product page.
  • It offers you 4 finishing options and 3 colour palettes.
  • You get to choose between a 4-burner natural gas grill and a propane grill.
  • You also get a drawer to keep your garbage bin and a refrigerator.
  • Over 850 square inch of cooking area
  • Interior hollow that allows you to maximize the area under your grill.
  • 1 Cu. Ft 21-inch refrigerator to keep your drinks and food cool.

❖    Lynx L7000 Sedona Series Ready-to-Finish Outdoor Kitchen Kit

Lynx Grill is a well-known premium-level brand that designs durable, stylish and chic cooking equipment. Their products are made from fine stainless steel and are so dope, they are often featured on cooking shows. The Lynx L7000 Sedona Series Ready-to-Finish Outdoor Kitchen Kit is among their affordable mid-tier outdoor kitchen kit that offers you great design, functionality, and quality.

The prefabricated outdoor kitchen kit includes an L-shaped ready-to-finish structure that is easy to assemble. It comes with the grill island leg housing the grill, side burners, door-drawer storage combo and trash centre. The second leg is the counter-island stand that houses the towel dispenser, utility drawers and outdoor refrigerator.


  • Double stainless-steel burners that supply up to 69,000 BTU of heat
  • Dual halogen grilling surface with backlit control knobs to help see in darkness.
  • External temperature gauge and spark ignition
  • 1 Cubic feet of cooling space for the food and drinks


We know that this article has opened your eyes to the various outdoor kitchen kit available today. These kits offer you a more efficient and cost-saving path to build your outdoor kitchen. Our buying guide for outdoor kitchen kit will help you select the best there is out there. Follow the guide, and leave us a comment stating how this article has helped you.


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