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Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

By Maria lorenzana December 12, 2020 0 comments

Dimplex has remained king of electric fireplaces for decades almost three decades. Dimplex took the credit for being the first-ever company to create a real-life-looking-wood-burning flame effect. Holding more than thirty patents, her team of creators continues to come first to produce electric fireplaces.

This article has given detailed highlights on various models, styles, and accents of the Dimplex electric fireplaces. We have also answered your question of why you should choose Dimplex. To learn more, keep reading. 

About Dimplex

Dimplex is the inventor of the modern electric fireplace. Based in North America, the United States, this company has stood out as the current electric heating industry founder. Established in 1973 in Dublin, Ireland, Dimplex is recognized as the world's biggest electric heating company.

Glen Dimplex America is a member of a group of companies in Dublin, Ireland. The name of this group of companies is Glen Dimplex Group of company. This company employs people nationwide with sales of over $3 billion.

Glen Dimplex Americas is the grandmaster in electric heating. The company offers a range of commercial, industrial, and residential electro heating products.

In 1995, the company made a mark in electric fireplaces' work after producing her first electro fireplace with a realistic wood burning flame effect. From 1995 till date, the company has been granted 30 patents. This patent covers numerous segments of electric flame technology.

The brand Dimplex has its products globally, and wildly trending all over North American.

Dimplex Headquarters

The Most Realistic Fireplace

Make a statement with style while getting comfort and warmth from our fireplaces. You can do one or many of your spaces with one or more of our outstanding electric fireplaces. We offer you the most extensive range of top-notch designs with an unparalleled selection of accents, styles, and finishes. Below is our showroom.

Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 1000

Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 100 has the perfect fireplace: any location, length, and several sides. You do not have to worry about gas lines, venting, and hot glass because they have nothing on this model.

Now imagine a fireplace having flames made of water that you can reach out and touch. The possibilities with this model are just endless: three-sided, open concept, see-through, and so much more. This model simply allows you to play with fire safely.

Opti-myst Pro 1000 Built-in Electric Cassette


With the Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-in Electric Firebox, you can quickly turn fireplace design concepts into reality. You have the option of installing it as a one-sided unit or remove the panel of the backer. Thereafter, you can convert it to give it a see-through design. Enjoy the view of its smoke effect, discrete heater, and dazzling flames. 

Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro 1500
Opti-V Aquarium

The Opti-V™ Aquarium uses unique technology to offer a beautiful, practical aquarium experience and 100% maintenance-free. The patent-protected design characterizes ultrarealistic swimming fish within a 3-dimensional environment rich in color and definition. The Opti-V Aquarium is a correct blend of charm and realism.

Opti-V Aquarium

Dimplex Prism Wall-mount

Dimplex prism series makes an already top-selling electric linear fireplace and makes it a lot better. Install this fantastic wall-mount fireplace right into your wall and enjoy the warmth in your space.

 Prism Series 74" Wall-mount

Dimplex IgniteXL

Dimplex IgniteXL® is outstanding for its accurate and visually stunning display. It does it like no other. With new, patented flame technology, this model carries with it the ambiance and charm of a real fireplace. At only 5.5 inches in depth and with no gas line or chimney required, this electric fireplace is ideal for any of your spaces. It is also excellent for high-rise installations.

IgniteXL 50'' Linear Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Electric Log Set

You can claim the warmth and charm of your old fireplace that has not been in use. Reclaim it with this functional and elegant electric insert. It offers meticulously handcrafted logs. It also provides with it gently glowing embers that resemble the real thing. This model is mainly designed to fit into many existing wood fireplace openings with ease. Dimplex Electric Log Insert will bring crisp life to any of your spaces without the dangers of propane or open flames.

 Dimplex 23" Log Set Electric Fireplace Insert


Dimplex Revillusion Logs

Revillusion® is a whole new way of looking at fireplaces. Stare through the lifelike flames to the back of the firebox. It reveals the natural feature that gives a wood-burning fireplace its beauty and charm. Enjoy the view of its striking look.

Revillusion 20 inch Plug-In Log Set

Sierra Linear Electric Fireplace

The Sierra linear fireplace is the solution for any room. It gives you the option of building it into your wall, attaching the tabletop stand, or hanging it on your wall. You will never have a challenge with finding the right place for this Dimplex model.

You can switch between three-bed options;

* Go traditional with logs

* Go contemporary with crystals

* Choose a contemporary look by going with pebbles. 

With the touch of a button, change the logs' color, ember bed, and flame to add some pop of color to your space.

Sierra 48" Linear Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Revillusion Built-In Firebox

Revillusion is a new way of viewing fireplaces. These lifelike flames capture the charm of a wood-burning fireplace. It gives you an enjoyable look of a fireplace cut straight out from the pages of a luxurious magazine.

Revillusion 42 inch Built-in Firebox 

Dimplex Galveston

The Dimplex® LED flame rocks on a bed of crushed silvered glass pieces, which gives this fireplace an unmatchable stunning effect. The front of the fireplace emits the heat that provides warmth to your room. It allows our elegant and sleek design to be installed on the wall. This impressive fireplace can either be mounted onto a wall or recessed. Dimplex Galveston is both versatile and beautiful.

Galveston 74 inch Linear Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Opti-V Duet and Opti-V Solo Fireplace Insert

These are incredible 3-dimensional logs glow with LED technology. One outstanding feature of these fireplace inserts is its ability to sparkle and crack periodically. Its cracking sound of a real fireplace adds to its pretty look combining to give you an organic feeling of having a real-life fireplace. The Dimplex Opti-V Fireplace Insert is one of the most realistic electric fireplaces of all time.

 Opti-V™ Duet


 Opti-V™ Solo


Dimplex Ignite XL Linear Electric Fireplace

If you have a relatively large space and are looking to add a sleek, extensive and realistic fireplace, look no further. The Dimplex Ignite XL holds your answers. This model can seamlessly be installed into brick, stone, and even more to give your space a positive vibe. If you have a space of up to 1000 square feet, the 100'' model of Ignite XL can provide heat. It can also be used as a heat-free mode on warmer days for ambiance.

IgniteXL 100 inch Linear Electric Fireplace

Wickson Linear Electric Fireplace

The portable size of the Wickson linear electric fireplace makes it an excellent fit for any room. Its ambiance and warmth make it a desire to customers as well as designers. The LED flame twists from the center of the crushed glass ember bed, which gives the unit a satisfactory effect

Wickson 34" Linear Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Multi-Fire XHD Electric Firebox

With a thin black glass surrounding it, this firebox reveals vivid flames both during the day or night. This Dimplex model will urge you to get cozy by the fireplace.

You can customize the flames above the hand-finished, inner-glow logs and produce an incredible atmosphere by adjusting the LED lighting with the built-in touch controls or the remote control. The Multi-Fire XHD the perfect way to add comfort and ambiance to your space.

 Multi-Fire XHD™ 26" Plug-in Electric Firebox



Synergy Linear Electric Fireplace

The Dimplex Synergy is a first of its kind of electric fireplace. Its big 50-inch width viewing area, incredible patented flame technology, beautiful glass ember bed, beautiful glass, and attractive black finish makes it a priority for any home. It is sure to be the most admired piece in any space.

 Synergy 50" Linear Electric Fireplace


Why choose Dimplex?

As the grandmaster of Electric fireplace technology, Dimplex has never relented in keeping customers satisfied. Dimpled is committed to providing her customers with the best. And this company has and is doing based on four pillars: Quality, Design, Innovation, and Support.

1. Quality

Our teams in Asia, America, and Europe work tirelessly and in partnership to create all of the industry's finest fireplace products, as well as our other products.

High-quality materials and components are combined with our superior energy-saving remarkable technologies to offer our customers the most high quality. We give our customers value, luxury, and durability, all wrapped in high-quality.

We maintain quality control processes to serve our customers with top-notch satisfaction.

2. Design

We design our products with the needs of our customers in mind. The Dimplex electric fireplaces experience has the combination of;

* The most realistic flame technology globally

* Wide range of styles

* Accents

* Finishes

All of these are put together to match any application and style.

Dimplex has redefined the electric fireplaces via the sophisticated design of our Linear Convector. It provides high-performance heat with a smaller size of up to 42% compared to a baseboard heater. This size will give you flexibility in the floor planning.

3. Innovation

For the last 25 years, Dimplex has continuously provided industry-changing innovations to the electric fireplace and electric heating customers. Dimplex commitment to innovation is evident by the following;

Airflow Visualization Chambers and Heat Loss, which resembles real-world heat loss appearance. This helps us to verify the performance of our innovations before releasing them into the market.

Industry Engineering teams and leading R & D are dedicated to creating and developing products that provide the best to our customers.

UL/CSA laboratory that conducts approval testing. The testing is done for our heaters and electric firebox to ensure safety and quality.

Some examples of Dimplex® patented, and award-winning fireplace innovations include the following;

* Opti-V™

* Multi-Fire XD®

* Opti-myst®

4. Support

Our North America based, trilingual customer service team gives excellent support. Because we stand behind everything we make, we have got you covered on support, parts, and service. Our customer service team will ensure that you're enjoying the comfort and warmth of your fireplace.

How to Troubleshoot a Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Like every appliance, Dimplex electric fireplace would need troubleshooting. And for the few times they would need it, follow the steps below to identify and solve the challenge. 

Step 1

You want to ensure that the fireplace is installed on the right circuit and ensure that it is the only appliance on that circuit. You also need to ensure that the course is a 15 amp dedicated circuit. 

Step 2

If your unit comes on without external input, you want to replace the remote control. This because other small in your house may be sharing the same frequency. Another reason for this might be because different radio frequencies might be sensitive to your remote. 

If the remote is not the problem, replace the circuit board of your unit. 

Step 3

If your unit does not come on when you press the remote, peruse the wiring and reach for the main off/on-switch. 

Step 4

Analyze the nature of the flames. Search for and change the faulty light-bulb. Do this if the ember bed refuses to flicker and glow. You can also do this if the flames are not bright or visible. Check for loose wiring and replace your light harness. 

Step 5

If your fireplace would not turn on or off, check your remote. When you confirm that it is not the remote, check the switch for the heater and wall thermostat setting.

You can browse through the service manual for your exact model. Because every model is different, refer to the manual to see how you can replace parts.

Step 6

When you first turn on your fireplace at installation, it will emit some odor. Ignore this odor; it is normal. However, if the smell persists, say beyond the first three times after installation, replace your heater and blower. It depends on the amount of time you use it. 


Dimplex is first in the world of electric fireplaces. We uphold Innovation, Design, Quality, and Support. When creating any of our impressive fireplaces, we majorly put the needs of our customers first. We develop products to serve our customers.

We hope that this article has enlightened and gave you ideas on the electric fireplace that would suit your space. You can choose from the array of options above or head over to our website and check our showroom.


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