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Ohio Flame Everything you need to know

By Maria lorenzana August 24, 2020 0 comments

Ohio Flame is the company behind America’s proudest fire pits. Throughout the years, have been able to produce fire pits from American-only components to promote the American economy. 


They are an all-American company and uses all materials from steel to fabrication materials, manufacturing equipment, and packaging supplies from American companies or the local market. The company is proud of the fact that they are doing their part in improving America’s economy by not supporting the import of goods from foreign markets. 

Uses thicker steel

Ohio Flame is proud of the fact that they use the thickest level of steel for fire pits as compared to other imported foreign metal sheets. Though many other companies that rely on cheaper materials employ the use of 0.017” thick metal sheets as they claim, they are proud to be using metal sheets that are at least 0.174” – which is almost ten times thicker. 

Because of a thicker frame and overall steel usage, their products are generally heavier, and their lightest offering is about 38 pounds, which is almost twice the weight of similar-sized offerings on the market. Their heaviest is 260 pounds, and just for 60 inches, that is a lot of weight. 

Can make custom products

The company can make custom products in case anyone wants to. Anyone who needs to get a custom design for their fire pit or a different custom product with their high-quality steel, they can contact Ohio Pit for more information.

Does not rust easily

Their products come with a Lifetime Warranty, because of the extra thick steel that they use. “Natural steel finishes will develop a natural iron oxide patina over time.  This patina will darken slightly over time.  The patina process only occurs at the surface level, so your Ohio Flame fire bowl will not rust through.”

Items can be returned/refunded

In case anyone finds that their products are damaged or defective on arrival or rusts after usage, they can contact customer service for a return/refund. There is no policy for Buyer’s Remorse, so customers don’t use the item and then return it after certain events. 

Right now, the newest products include Flat Fire Pit Lid, Fire Table Top, MARs Fire Pit System, MARs Steel Work Grate, and MARs Steel Cook Grate. 

The Liberty Fire Pit:

Ohio Flame Liberty Fire Pit

The Ohio Flame Liberty Fire Pit is one of their two flagship models that are available for sale. As you might have guessed from the name, it is a throwback to America’s most prominent Liberty theme. 

Here are some of the facts of this beautiful, patriotic item.

Natural Steel Finish

Ohio Flame Liberty Fire Pit comes in a natural steel finish, which is what the company calls oxide patina that the steel develops over time. This oxide patina helps prevent the fire pit from rusting or lose its color when it reacts with moisture. 

No maintenance required

Unlike many other steel products or steel pits that makers claim is durable, this one is one that boasts and lives up to its name. It needs no maintenance or cleaning – though cleaning would be a good thing to do. Its thick steel and oxide patina will protect it.

Rain Drain feature

In case that you are using in an area that gets heavy rainfall – which is quite an issue in many states, the Rain Drain feature helps protect the pit from permanently getting damaged through heavy rain. The problem with rainwater is the fact that some it may contain acid – which can react violently with steel and cause it to rust and disintegrate over time.

There are various types of Liberty Fire Pits available for sale, including but not limited to Pits with Angular Base, Curved Base, Hollow Base, and Standard Base.

Patriot Fire Pit:

Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit

The Patriot version of Fire Pit is the second variant of their flagship models of the fire pits that Ohio Flame offers. Here are some of the features of the Patriot Fire Pit that you should know about: 

Modern and Sleek

The Ohio Flame Patriot Fire Pit has a modern and sleek design to it, while also retaining some looks of the original fire pits. Even though it may look like an ordinary fire pit from far away, it is carefully made through the best techniques that the company offers. 

Thick Carbon Steel

This Fire Pit boasts extreme levels of protection and durability because it is built and sourced from local steel mills. Carbon steel is one of the most durable metal alloys of steel.

Moisture protection

The Patriot Fire Pit is protected from moisture with the help of the Rain Drain feature that the company is proud of. It can quickly drain away water from inside of the pit, that can collect and cause damage over long periods. 

It is available in various sizes ranging from 24-Inches to 48-Inches. You can find them on our website FireplaceChoice.com. You can combine the Fire Pit with a Flat Fire Pit Lid, or a Steel Cook Grate, Fire Pit Spark Screen, and other accessories.

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