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Fire Magic Grills: Aurora and Echelon

By Maria lorenzana March 27, 2021 0 comments

Fire Magic Gas Grills

If you are a grilling enthusiast looking to get the best grilling equipment money can buy, you should consider Fire Magic Grills. Fire Magic Grills started over 80 years ago. The driving force remains the same “engineering brilliance and a true passion for creating and delivering quality products that meet all of the diverse customers demanding needs.” And boy, have they succeeded; the products are durable and simply delightful to use.

There are several product lines for you to choose from; for this article, we shall look at a few. Ladies and Gentlemen, shall we?

Fire Magic CVR, E1060I Built-in Grill

About Fire Magic Grills

The idea of Fire Magic Grill was born by Harold Keck over 75 years ago. With time, he merged with R.H Peterson, and together, they have worked tirelessly to create the premium outdoor kitchen equipment for BBQ lovers all around the globe. Not just that, but over the years, they have managed beautifully to raise and even surpass the market standards for BBQ grills.

Today, not only are there several product lines engineered to meet your needs, but they have become synonymous with quality. What started as a vision of what modern-day outdoor entertaining could be like and what it should be. That vision translated into these innovative grills we have today.

Are Fire Magic Grills Worth their Cost?

Yes, they are worth every penny. It would be best if you looked at these Fire Magic Grills as investments. They offer you a great design and even more functionality for your outdoor cooking. You get all of the vital components such as burners, lots of cooking space, etc., everything you need to make a great tasting BBQ.

The best part is that even with the sleek design, there is no need for you to sacrifice any of the things you need. You get to enjoy the great design in addition to durability and reliability.

If you are thinking about buying a Fire Magic Grill, you should look at the different options available to you and select one only after considering the merits and demerits of them all. One keynote is the number of burners, amount of cooking space, BTU, and fuel type used. Especially important is considering how much room the grill gives you to make necessary modifications.

Let’s explore some of the Fire Magic Grills available today, shall we?

Fire Magic Aurora

Allow us to prove our point to you that Fire Magic Grills deliver the ultimate when it comes to beauty, performance, and durability. They continue to shine with all their range of products, Fire Magic Aurora being one of them.

Like every other Fire Magic Grill, Fire Magic Aurora is designed to take your grilling experience to the next level. With $3,800, you can enjoy all the features of this grill, a full rotisserie system, a built-in temperature monitoring system, and countless others.

Free Magic Aurora comes equipped with three fantastic burners that give off as much as 20,000 BTUs. The burners are made of heavy cast stainless steel and offer a primary cooking area of up to 540 square inches.

Features of Free Magic Aurora

❖    Cast Stainless Steel Burners

As mentioned, the grill comes equipped with three burners, all made from the finest cast iron. Unlike most gas grills, the burners in Fire Magic Aurora are not round but square. These burners are designed with a protective lip that rests just above the ports and prevents grease from clogging the grill. The stainless steel flame tamers channel away the grease and distribute heat evenly across the grill.

❖    Diamond Sear Cooking Grill

Fire Magic Aurora comes with superior diamond sear cooking grills with a patented design. The sear grills are backed by heavy-duty cross-roads with a flat smooth top. Each bar measures about 0.35” in width and covers one-half of the cooking surface. The bars are designed to enhance optimum heat delivery from the cast stainless burners to the cooking surface.

The bars are made from 304 stainless steel and are bead blasted with matte to give them non-stick properties. As always, the diamond sear cooking grill comes replete with a lifetime warranty.

❖    Flavor Grill

The flavor grill helps elevate your cooking experience. The flavor grill is made from 16-gauge 304 stainless steel. It is effortless to clean and can be removed to make a large space for rotisserie cooking.

The functions of the flavor grill are numerous and include

  • Allowing the transfer of heat from the burners to the sear cooking grills evenly and swiftly.
  • Add flavor to the food by vaporizing the juices and that dear smoke that gives your food that delicious flavor.
  • Minimizing grease fires and flare-ups
  • The best part is that the flavor grill comes with a 5-year warranty.

❖    Double Walled Hood

Another part of Fire Magic Grill is the double-walled hood that opens for up to 90 degrees, thus facilitating easy access. The hood has a Teflon coated spring that allows the door to open this far and easily. The double-walled hood oven is made from 304 stainless steel and provides you with an efficient heat retention system.

❖    Hot Surface Ignition

Fire Magic Aurora gas grill is equipped with a hot surface electric ignition. The ignition ensures that you enjoy reliable and effortless lighting each time you turn it on. You will, however, need a power supply, at least 120 volts.

Fire Magic Aurora Gas Grill Accessory

❖    Magic View Window

The magic view window is a Fire Magic Grill gas grill accessory. Thankfully, it comes at no added cost to you and comes with a grill top thermometer. The magic view window comes in handy during your cookouts as it offers you access to check just how beautifully your food is coming along. The best part is that you can look at how your meal is coming along without having to open the grill with it.

❖    Halogen Lights

Fire Magic Grills come with an optional stainless steel back burner that comes replete with a complete rotisserie kit. They have a solid spit rod, a heavy-duty motor, meat prongs, a polished stainless steel cover, and a counterbalance. It is important to note that selecting a grill with a backburner will come at an added cost.

Fire Magic Echelon

The Free Magic Echelon gas grill boasts a 720 square inch primary cooking space replete with 99,000 BTUs, well more than enough to meet your cooking needs. Besides the BTUs, you have the option of fitting infrared burners into the Echelon. With this powerful combination, you can grill a steak as delicious as any.

Parts of the Fire Magic Echelon Grill

Let’s take a fast look at the parts and features of the Fire Magic Echelon Grill.

❖    Stainless Steel Burners

The Echelon burners are made of heavy cast stainless steel and pack a serious punch. They are three in number. Not only do these burners provide your grill with heat, they also retain the heat and are capable of becoming radiant heat sources.

❖    Flame Tamers

The burners come with flame tamers that are made of stainless steel and are durable. These flame tamers lie atop it and channel grease away. Grease channeling is, however, not the only function of these flame tamers; they also distribute heat evenly to your cooking surface.

❖    Cooking Grill

The Fire Magic Echelon grill comes with cooking grills made of stainless steel rods. The cooking grates rank among the heaviest in the market. Due to their composition, they are known to conduct heat evenly around the cooking surface.

❖    Infrared Rotisserie Burners

As we mentioned earlier, the Fire Magic Echelon Grill comes with infrared rotisserie burners. They come with 13,000 BTUs capacity.

❖    Hot Surface Ignition

Fire Magic Echelon gas grill comes equipped with a hot surface electric ignition. The hot surface ignition ensures that you enjoy reliable and effortless lighting each time you turn your burners on. You will, however, need a power supply, at least a 120 volts battery.

How Can I Clean My Fire Magic Grill?

The process of cleaning and maintaining your Fire Magic Grill is pretty simple. However, before you jet off to clean the grill, give it some time to cool down. An easy way is to clean it up with a non-wire grill scraper and then follow off with a damp washcloth or towel. You can get the scraper, and other tools can be purchased separately. The cloth for cleaning should be dampened with warm soapy water. Don’t worry; any dish soap combined with hot water will do the trick.


Fire Magic Grill is a dominating force in the outdoor kitchen market. They have different product lines, all replete with innovative designs that make your grilling experience a memorable one. Consider the merits and demerits for each of the models; you can start with Echelon and Aurora that we have addressed in this article.

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