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Why You Should Purchase an American Outdoor Gas Grills

By Maria lorenzana March 27, 2021 0 comments

American Outdoor Gas Grill

When you select any grilling brand, scrap that, any brand of product at all, the one thing you look out for is value. The value of a grill is a combination of its price, performance, reliability, and quality. Grilling models that meet the high expectations of these value components are adjudged to be of excellent quality. One of such BBQ grill models is the American Outdoor Grill.

We will learn more about the American Outdoor Grilling model, its parts, features, merits, and demerits in this article. Keep reading our article to find out more.

Why You Should Purchase an American Outdoor Gas Grills

American Outdoor 24NBT-00SP T-Series 24 inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill

About American Outdoor Grills

American Outdoor Grill (AOG) is not as well recognized as Napoleon or Weber; nevertheless, it is among the well respected BBQ manufacturers. The AOG is made by R.H. Peterson and Co., the same company that designs Fire Magic Grill. They have operated for over 50 years, and in that time, they have consistently designed quality products designed to make grilling more efficient.

American Outdoor Grill offers you a full 304 stainless steel grill at a shockingly affordable price. They have all the hallmarks of a high-quality BBQ grill, what with its special titanium alloy steel burners.

American Outdoor Grill Vs. Fire Magic Outdoor Grill

In case you didn't know, AOG and Fire Magic Grill are made by the same company. In fact, you can call them sister brands. They share similar features; the only major difference is the cost. As a matter of fact, American Outdoor Grill was created as an affordable gas grill alternative for Fire Magic Grills.

That being said, if you are searching for an affordable outdoor BBQ grill with similar features as the reputable Fire Magic Grill, then you should go for the AOG. AOG is made in the same California factory as Fire Magic Grills; however, it is a more simplified option. If you choose AOG, then you get to enjoy a gas grill with the same top quality and features at a cheaper cost.

Why Should I Get an American Outdoor Grill

American Outdoor Grills are affordable and have a stainless steel lineup almost the same as that of Fire Magic Grills. Let's take a look at some of the awesomeness you get to enjoy with American Outdoor Grill models.

❖    Sizeable Cooking Area

All models of AOG come with a decent amount of space to meet all your cooking needs. Depending on the model you choose, you get from 432 square inches to as much as 648 square inches of cooking surface space.

❖    BTU Output

Anyone who knows grills will agree that the BTU it packs is significant. American Outdoor Grill packs a strong BTU output ranging from 32,000 BTU to over 70,000. They can reach temperatures as high as 825 degrees quite quickly. The best part is that this heat is distributed evenly across the grilling surface.

❖    Warranty

All the American Outdoor Grill parts come with 15 years warranty for the burners and 10 years for all the other parts of your American Outdoor Grill. However, because of how well the grill is built, you may never have to concern yourself with taking out the warranty claim.

The burners are made from the finest of titanium alloy, the body from stainless steel, and the entire thing is welded. Put all these together, and you have stunning grilling equipment well worth the cost and capable of lasting a lifetime.

❖    Design

The American Outdoor grill has a splendid, chic design and comes in 3 different sizes. The sizes range from 24 to 36 inches in width, replete with a primary cooking area ranging 432 to 648 square inches. The best thing is that they are fairly priced. They go for about $1400 to just over $2500. 

❖    Efficient Temperature Control

Besides cooking your food evenly, an efficient design, there's also the fine point of efficient temperature monitoring. The AOG comes equipped with brass control valves that ensure that the grill temperature is regulated precisely. Of course, you can rest assured that these brass control valves are very durable.

❖    Competitive Prices

One great reason why you should get an AOG is the cost. For all the features it offers you, the prices are well within most people's budget. In fact, there are not many grilling units with similar features that are sold for the same price. If you do find, the chances are that they won't serve you as well as any American Outdoor Grill will.

These great American Outdoor Grills come in different product lines. But one thing is sure, they all offer you spectacular features; some even come with rotisseries and infrared burners.

❖    Durability

One of the things American Outdoor Grills have to offer you is durability. All the models are made from the finest of materials. The stainless-steel exterior offers your grill lifetime durability. Thanks to the grills' durability, you don't have to worry about your grill falling apart over the years.

Merits of the American Outdoor Grill

Each model of American Outdoor Grill offers you full features.

  • Little or no flare-up
  • Great performance guaranteed.
  • Even heat distribution offering you evenly cooked meals.
  • Pocket-friendly grills made of 304 stainless steel.
  • High-quality materials both externally and internally.
  • Fully welded construction giving even more strength to the grill and bars.
  • Unquestionable strength, durability, and great value for the price
  • There is a 10-year warranty for most parts of the American Outdoor Grill and 15 years for the steel burners.

American Outdoor Built-in Grills

There are different models of American Outdoor Grills. The Portable models, Patio grill model, and the Built-in grill model. For this article, we shall throw more light on Built-in American Outdoor Grills. 

Which American Outdoor Grill Should I Choose?

Not to sound like an old crone, there are several American Outdoor Grill models in the market. Our solemn advice is to check out the features of the ones that interest you the most before purchasing any. We have listed some models and their features below to help you with that task.

❖    American Outdoor Grill L-Series Built-In Grill

The L-Series of the American Outdoor Grill is very similar to the much cheaper AOG T-Series. The features are indeed similar; however, there is one exception. The L-Series of American Outdoor Grill comes with interior halogen lights and a lit control panel for grilling.

There are three models: the 36 NBL, 30 NBL, and 24 NBL. All of them come with three burners that are split into three tubes each. These burners are referred to as E-type burners. Each of the three tubes makes up 18 channels of flame. Add this to the 630 square inch primary cooking surface and cooking grates made with heavy stainless-steel rods.

In addition to all these, this AOG model comes with stainless steel flame tamers that help to distribute the heat evenly. They also have a dual-layer hood and come with an efficient design that transforms your cooking experience from a basic to a truly memorable one.

Other Features

  • 50,000 main burners BTUs
  • Primary cooking surface of around 648 square inches
  • It comes equipped with halogen lights and an electronic ignition system
  • Vaporizing panels that provide even distribution of heat to the grills even surface
  • If you would much rather choose less costly grill equipment, you can opt for the American Outdoor T-Series Grill. After all, it is also a built-in AOG model.

❖    American Outdoor Grill "T" Series Grills

The American Outdoor "T" series grills boast of a piezo ignition system. With this ignition system, there is no need for a battery or electricity. Thus, you get a sleek, self-sufficient grill. 

American Outdoor Grill 24 NBT Built-in Model

If you are looking for a grill that delivers on top performance and quality, you should look at the AOG 24 inches model. This AOG model is tough, durable, and offers your superb design. It comes with a vaporizer panel that makes certain that heat is distributed across the grill evenly.

We are also in love because this model is equipped with 16,000 BTU tube burners that make cooking a breeze. There's also the fact that it has a push-to-light ignition system that makes sparking the gas grill infinitely easier.

❖    American Outdoor Grill 30 NBT Built-in Model

The AOG 30NBT model comes with a sleek and stainless design that offers aesthetic and functional privileges. It has a Piezo ignition system that makes it possible for you to turn it on without batteries or electricity. You will be pleased to hear that the three burners are equipped with a vaporizer system that makes even heat distribution possible.

The AOG 30NBT is easy to maintain and clean up, so you don't have to worry about getting the grill messy. Don't forget that all the parts are durable and come with up to 10 years warranty.


Overall, AOG is an excellent choice for all your outdoor grilling needs. It is affordable, durable, and packed with several features that promise to meet your every grilling need. Go ahead and choose an American Outdoor Grill model today and begin enjoying the benefits.

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