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Why You Should Switch from Wood Fireplace to Electric Fireplace

By Maria lorenzana November 11, 2021 0 comments

Why switch from a wood-burning fireplace to an electric fireplace? There are a few reasons you may wish to change to an electric fireplace.

We will discuss the pros and cons of an electric fireplace versus a wood-burning fireplace, how to make the switch, the differences, and what to expect.

The differences between wood-burning and electric fireplaces

wood fireplace

There are several differences between wood-burning and electricity.

First is the smell. Many enjoy the scent of a wood-burning fireplace, but you will not have that aroma with electricity.

Second, the sound of wood burning, with electricity, you will not have the crackling of wood burning, although some electric fireplaces mimic the sound.

Third, electricity does not require as much cleaning and maintenance as wood. There are no ashes to empty, no wood to store, no chimney to clean.

Fourth, electricity may be cheaper than wood to heat with; it depends on where you live as each state has a different cost of living expenses, including kilowatt-hour prices. But the price of utilities, like everything, is going up due to inflation.  

As you can see, there are several differences between wood and electric fireplaces. If you do not have time to remove ashes or the budget to clean the chimney at least once a year properly, then electricity is the way to go for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Fireplaces

dimplex electric fireplace

There are some advantages and disadvantages of electric fireplaces. Let’s take a look at those.


The advantages of electric fireplaces are:

  • Installation is easy and inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Portable, this makes them great for renters since they do not require remodeling for installation
  • Affordable most begin around a few hundred dollars
  • Great for small apartments, condos, or homes where a chimney is impossible to add
  • Plenty of styles to choose from, including free-standing plug into the outlet style.
  • Some models provide the flickering flame and glowing logs without heat to add coziness during warmer weather
  • Easy to start, just push a button
  • No harmful fumes that need to go up the chimney to the outside
  • No ashes or sparks that can cause damages to the house, children, or pets

  • Disadvantages

    The disadvantages of electric fireplaces are:

  • No natural smell or sound like with wood
  • Upfront costs may be cheaper with installation, but with the rising cost of utilities, the monthly cost is going up
  • Chance of electrical fire if not installed correctly
  • While the talk is electricity is cleaner than wood, coal, or gas, do some research, and you will find where most electric power stations get their electricity. A small percentage of electricity comes from wind and solar; the rest is generated from fossil fuels like coal.

    How to Switch from Wood to Electric

    In order to switch from wood to electric, you can purchase an insert for your fireplace.

    First, you need to hire an electrician to do this so that you know your electrical wiring and breaker box are up to code and will handle the fireplace. If not, hire an electrician to do the necessary updates to your electrical system.

    Second, close the flue. The idea is to close the vent and cap the chimney to stop the loss of heat up the chimney. If you are unsure how to do this, consult a professional.

    Third, have the insert installed.

    Finally, enjoy the electric fireplace.

    There are instructions available from home remodeling box stores and online for those who wish to do it yourself. Just be sure you follow those instructions and consider having it inspected by a professional before using it the first time.

    The reason I suggest a professional installation for electric fireplaces is that you will know the wiring has been done right and is less likely to cause an electrical fire.

    Whatever your style, you can find an electric fireplace that fits your home.

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