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7 Basic Fireplace Tools That Every Home Should Have

By Pedro Calcano December 29, 2023 0 comments

7 Basic Fireplace Tools That Every Home Should Have

A woman uses fireplace tools to clean and maintain a fireplace.

Keeping a fireplace clean and safe can be a challenge without the right tools. A well-equipped hearth needs seven basic items including pokers, tongs, brooms, and other essentials for optimal function.

This article will guide you through these seven essential fireplace tools and present top-rated options in various categories to suit different budgets and aesthetic preferences. Ready to make your fireside experience safer and more efficient? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • A fireplace requires seven basic tools for safe and efficient use: a poker, tongs, broom, shovel, log rack, ash bucket and fire screen.
  • The Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets is a top-rated option that includes all essential tools and boasts of durability.
  • Gtongoko's Fireplace Tools Set 4 Pcs is an affordable choice while the Heritage Industrial Hearth Center offers high-end features.
  • An important aspect to consider when choosing these tools include material quality, style preference and size suitable for your hearth.

Essential Fireplace Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A neatly arranged collection of fireplace tools near a cozy fireplace.

Owning a fireplace requires having the right tools to maintain it, such as a fireplace poker for adjusting logs, tongs for safely moving burning pieces of wood, broom and shovel for keeping the hearth clean, log rack for organizing firewood efficiently, ash bucket to dispose ashes properly, and a fire screen to keep sparks contained.

Fireplace poker

A fireplace poker is not only a staple in the realm of hearth maintenance, but it also serves as an essential tool for safe fire handling. Its primary use lies in rearranging logs and stoking the cozy flames burning within your living room centerpiece.

Crafted to endure high temperatures, this robust tool allows you to reshape your fire without any direct contact with the scorching embers or flaming logs. For larger fires or open-air fire pits, opting for a longer poker can be beneficial.

However, always ensure that it's meant for outdoor use if you plan on taking this trusty companion outside! A well-constructed fireplace poker truly proves its worth by promoting safety while enhancing convenience during those comforting moments by the fire.


Tongs play a crucial role in maintaining and managing a safe fireplace. They are the tool of choice when it comes to handling burning logs and embers, ensuring your hands remain at a safe distance from the scorching heat.

Constructed from sturdy materials like cast iron or stainless steel, these tongs offer great durability and longevity.

Ergonomic handles increase ease of use, allowing for better control over fiery elements. The Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets is one highly-rated option that includes robust tongs alongside other essential tools.

If you're seeking performance and long-lasting usage, investing in quality tongs should be on top of every homeowner's list!


Every homeowner recognizes the role of a broom in maintaining a clean and safe fireplace. This tool is dedicated to sweeping away ashes and debris that may accumulate over time. A broom with sturdy, durable bristles ensures an effective cleaning process, reaching into difficult corners and crevices for comprehensive removal of any hazardous material.

Opting for one with longer bristles amplifies its efficiency, preventing fire hazards related to accumulation within your fireplace environment.


A shovel serves as a crucial part of your fireplace tool arsenal. It ensures efficient and safe removal of spent firewood and leftover ash from your hearth. Commonly, you will find shovels included in the comprehensive fireplace tool sets alongside brushes, poker sticks, tongs, and stands.

The manufacturing materials range from cast iron to stainless steel or hammered steel, each offering durable performance over time. Importantly, opting for a shovel with a long arm can greatly enhance safety by allowing you to manage the fire and clean up ashes while maintaining a beneficial distance from the heat.

Log rack

A log rack, such as the Amagabeli Garden & Home log rack, offers an efficient solution to keeping your firewood organized. It prevents logs from touching the ground, which can cause them to get wet or dirty.

A sturdy log rack also serves as a safety measure by holding logs securely away from potential fires. Measuring 35 inches long and 21 inches wide, this particular model provides ample space for various sizes of wood.

Not only is a log rack practical for maintaining a clean fireplace area, but its decorative look can also enhance your home's aesthetics.

Ash bucket

Ash buckets, essential fireplace tools, play a critical role in safe fire management. Constructed largely from steel or other non-flammable materials, these ensure that hot ashes collected from the fireplace don't pose any risk of igniting surfaces they come into contact with.

Ashes can stay warm long after the flame is out; hence an ash bucket securely houses them until completely cooled down.

A quality ash bucket features a lid that fits snugly on top to prevent ashes from blowing around and creating messes or fire hazards. They also make cleaning up after fires much easier as they offer an efficient way to dispose of residual ashes and embers safely.

Several models include handles for convenient carrying and emptying. Having this tool alongside your hearth not only boosts safety but significantly simplifies maintenance tasks revolving around your cozy home fireplace.

Fire screen

A fire screen serves the crucial role of preventing sparks and hot ashes from escaping into the room. They come in a variety of designs, ranging from simple functional screens to detailed works of art that add an aesthetic value to your fireplace.

The real beauty lies in their protective nature - they safeguard your home from potential fire hazards due to rogue embers or logs shifting unexpectedly. It's widely agreed upon that every house with a functioning fireplace should have this indispensable tool for safety reasons.

Top Picks for Fireplace Tools in 2023

An artistic arrangement of fireplace tool sets with a cozy backdrop.

Leading the list in 2023 is the Amagabeli 5 Pcs Fireplace Tools Sets with a black handle. This toolset, known for its longevity and durability, is crafted from tough wrought iron. The classic style of these tools allows them to blend seamlessly into any decor setting.

The set includes all the necessary fireplace maintenance tools - a poker, tongs, brush, shovel and stand. At 31 inches tall, this set offers convenience in use without compromising function or safety.

Its sturdy base ensures it won't tip over during operation making it an excellent addition to any household with a fireplace.

Gtongoko's Fireplace Tools Set 4 Pcs is another popular choice for customers seeking quality on a budget while Heritage Industrial Hearth Center provides an upscale splurge option.

The Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set also makes this list as our most stylish pick adding flair to your hearth; Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack stands out as the top option for outdoor use.

Lastly but definitely not least in our best long-handle tool set category: Plow & Hearth's 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set presents users with durability needed when handling heated fireplaces safely avoiding accidents by staying at a safe distance from hot embers and ashes.

Best Overall: Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets

A cozy living room showcases the Amagabeli Garden & Home fireplace tools set.

This top-notch tool set from Amagabeli Garden & Home boasts a robust design, crafted with heavy-duty cast iron for maximum durability; all the essential tools like poker stick, broom, shovel and tongs are included in this detailed ensemble.

Description & Features (Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets)

The Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets are a premium choice for anyone who prioritizes quality and usability. This set comes with five essential tools - a brush, poker, shovel, tongs, and a stand.

Each tool is crafted from high-quality wrought iron that ensures lasting durability. The set is designed for both indoor and outdoor fireplace use, adding convenience to its long list of benefits.

Moreover, the tools feature ergonomic handles which offer better longevity and safety during operation. For peace of mind when making your purchase, this toolset also includes a 1-year warranty championing customer satisfaction.

Pros & Cons (Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets)

The Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets offers a variety of benefits, but also has a few downsides. Here's a detailed look at both:



High-quality construction: The set is made from wrought iron, which is known for its durability and longevity. This makes the tool set a reliable choice for long-term use.

Warranty restrictions: The tool set comes with a one-year warranty, but certain restrictions may apply, which could limit the coverage.

Complete set: This set includes essential tools such as fireplace poker sticks, brushes, shovels, tongs, and rings. This allows homeowners to keep their fireplace clean and well-organized.

Size issues: Some users have reported that the tools are a bit larger than expected, which could make storage a bit challenging.

Affordability: Compared to other sets made of metals like brass or stainless steel, this wrought iron tool set is quite budget-friendly, making it an excellent value for money.

Handle temperature: There are instances when the handles of the tools may get hot while in use, which could be a potential safety risk.

Best Budget: Gtongoko Fireplace Tools Set 4 Pcs 30 Inch

A cozy living room featuring a fireplace with a Gtongoko tools set.

For those on a budget, the Gtongoko Fireplace Tools Set features four essential tools with 30-inch handles, making it not only affordable but also practical and safe in managing your fireplace.

Description & Features (Gtongoko Fireplace Tools Set 4 Pcs 30 Inch)

The Gtongoko Fireplace Tools Set 4 Pcs 30 Inch offers a fantastic blend of affordability and functionality. This cost-effective set includes four key tools: a brush, shovel, tongs, and fireplace poker.

Crafted from sturdy wrought iron materials, these implements promise long-lasting use with exceptional resilience against rusting. Each tool is designed with an impressive length of 30 inches to provide safety during fire management - reducing the risk of burns or injuries while maintaining your home's hearth.

Accompanied by its own stand, this convenient set ensures an effortless organization that keeps your space neat and tidy. Best of all, you can enjoy its versatile design both indoors and outdoors without any change in efficiency or durability.

Pros & Cons (Gtongoko Fireplace Tools Set 4 Pcs 30 Inch)

The Gtongoko Fireplace Tools Set is a budget-friendly option that includes four essential tools for fireplace maintenance. However, like all products, it has its pros and cons.



Made of durable materials that can withstand high temperatures and heavy use.

May not be as long-lasting when compared to higher-priced options.

Includes essential tools: poker, brush, shovel, and tongs. They help in maintaining a safe and efficient fireplace.

The quality of individual tools may vary. Some users reported that the broom bristles could be sturdier.

Good for budget-conscious buyers.

The stand can sometimes be unstable, especially when loaded with all four tools.

Easy to assemble and use.

There might be occasional manufacturing defects, like slightly bent tongs.

Best Splurge: Heritage Industrial Hearth Center

The Heritage Industrial Hearth Center is the standout feature of a sophisticated living room.

The Heritage Industrial Hearth Center is the top splurge option, offering a stunning design and high-quality construction that make it worth every penny spent.

Description & Features (Heritage Industrial Hearth Center)

The Heritage Industrial Hearth Center is a top-tier fireplace tool set that marries form and function. It showcases hallmarks of robust construction, crafted from high-end materials like wrought iron, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and hammered steel.

This premium blend ensures it stands the test of time with exceptional longevity.

Central to the design are sturdy fireplace tools designed for practical purposes. The set lays out all necessities for maintaining a safe hearth: poker sticks, brushes, shovels, tongs and even includes an organized storage rack.

Each tool comes attached with ergonomic metal handles that provide comfortable use while enhancing durability - making every fireside experience both efficient and enjoyable.

Pros & Cons (Heritage Industrial Hearth Center)

The Heritage Industrial Hearth Center is an excellent choice for homeowners who are prepared to invest in a high-quality fireplace tool set. The set brings style and functionality to your hearth with a premium price tag. Here are the pros and cons to consider:



It includes 7 basic fireplace tools that are essential for every home with a fireplace.

The set is a financial investment due to its premium price point.

The set comes with a container that provides a safe storage place for tools when not in use, reducing fire hazards.

Some users might find the set bulky due to the inclusion of several tools.

The tools' handles do not get hot while in use, offering safety and security.

Due to its high-quality, the set might not be suitable for households with younger children who may accidentally damage the tools.

The length of the tools' arms is long enough to keep hands a safe distance from the flame, especially beneficial for larger fires.

Some homeowners may find the look of the set too industrial for their home decor style.

It's clear that the Heritage Industrial Hearth Center is a worth-considering option for those seeking a high-end, comprehensive fireplace tool set. It offers numerous advantages, from its comprehensive tool inclusion to its safety features. However, its premium price and industrial design may not appeal to everyone.

Most Stylish: Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set


A stylish living room with a Pottery Barn fireplace tool set.

This set is not just highly functional but also an eye-catching addition to your hearth with its unique antler design; crafted for style-conscious homeowners, the Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set turns utilitarian fireplace tools into a statement décor piece.

Description & Features (Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set)

The Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set strikes a balance between functionality and style, making it an excellent choice for homeowners. Crafted with unique antler designed handles, these four fireplace tools inject rustic charm into any living room decor.

Constructed from robust iron given either a black or bronze finish, the set guarantees both durability and elegance.

This collection includes every tool you need to manage your hearth - namely a shovel, poker, broom, and tongs. The sturdy stand keeps the entire kit organized while making each item easily accessible when you need it most.

The shovel's design facilitates safe removal of ashes and debris after the fire has burnt out. Meanwhile, the poker helps in stoking and rearranging logs to keep your fire alive and well-regulated.

Lastly, once everything has cooled down entirely- grab the specially made broom for efficient cleaning purposes around your fireplace area.

Pros & Cons (Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set)

The Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set has both several advantages and areas for improvement, making it an important consideration for homeowners looking for fireplace tools. Here are the major pros and cons of this set:



The Pottery Barn Antler Fireplace Tool Set includes essential tools like a shovel, poker, tongs, and broom, providing users with everything they need for fireplace maintenance.

As a higher-end option, the price point can be a deterrent for some homeowners.

The tool set has a unique and stylish design inspired by antlers, making it an aesthetically appealing addition to any home decor.

Despite its stylish design, it may not suit all interior themes and could stick out in more contemporary or minimalist spaces.

The set comes with a sturdy container for safe tool storage, reducing potential fire hazards and keeping your hearth area organized.

The container, while practical, does take up a fair amount of space which could be an issue in smaller living spaces.

The handles do not get hot while using the tools, ensuring safe operation even when dealing with large fires.

The length of the tools, while appropriate for standard fireplaces, might not be sufficient for larger outdoor fire pits, limiting its versatile use.

Best for Outdoor Use: Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack

This section delves into the Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack, an exceptional tool choice for outdoor fireplaces. It features a sturdy yet stylish design that not only stores your firewood efficiently but also adds to your outdoor decor.

This robust rack is built with high-quality steel and has an exquisite weather-resistant finish, ensuring its longevity even in harsh weather conditions. The comprehensive review will further delve into its unique features, advantages, disadvantages and why it stands out as the best pick for outdoor use among other fireplace tools in the market today.

Description & Features (Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack)

The Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack is an innovative tool that excels in both function and design. Offering the perfect blend of convenience and safety, this log rack provides a storage solution for firewood, keeping it neatly stacked off the ground.

This prevents moisture from causing decay and makes fires easier to light while also enhancing safety by reducing fire hazards. One outstanding feature of this rack is its robust construction using heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish, ensuring rust resistance even when used outdoors.

The log rack accompanies a durable brush designed specifically for cleaning soot and ash from your fireplace once cooled down. Key to comfort during use, the tools come with handles that stay cool during operation.

Therefore, fear no larger fires or expansive outdoor pits; these tools are designed with sufficient arm length to manage any fireplace needs conveniently and efficiently!

Pros & Cons (Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack)

The Best Choice Products Fireplace Firewood Log Rack is a versatile and practical choice for people who need a comprehensive set of fireplace tools for outdoor use.



Made from durable steel with a rust-protective finish, ensuring longevity.

Its compact size may not be suitable for larger fireplaces or fire pits.

Features a slanted design, providing easy access to firewood and promoting better ventilation.

The style and design might not appeal to everyone.

Includes all necessary fireplace tools like a poker, tongs, brush, shovel, log grabber, grate lifter, and tool stand.

There might be concerns about the durability of the included tools.

Has a tool stand for convenient storage and easy access to tools.

The stand may not fit all fireplace styles and dimensions.

Tongs are designed to safely lift and move burning logs.

Depending on use, the tongs might not stand up to heavy-duty lifting.

Best Long-Handle Tool Set: Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set

This tool set from Plow & Hearth consists of five essential fireplace tools, hand-forged from iron for durability and stability. Each tool features a long handle for safe distance management while tending to your fire.

It offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal with its traditional blacksmithing artistry displayed in every piece.

Description & Features (Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set)

The Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set is a perfect blend of functionality and elegance. Its overall design exudes a rustic charm that complements any fireplace setting.

The set boasts superior quality, owing to its hand-forged iron construction, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. Each tool in this set, which includes a poker stick, brush, shovel, tongs, and stand extends up to impressive lengths allowing you to safely manage your fire from a distance.

Embracing ergonomic features, the tools are equipped with metal handles designed for comfortable gripping and enhanced longevity. This iron wrought tool set promises not only efficient fireplace management but also adds an aesthetic touch to your hearth area.

Pros & Cons (Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set)

Before making your final decision, it's important to consider the pros and cons of the Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set.



Made of iron, ensuring durability and longevity.

Despite its durability, iron is prone to rust if not properly maintained.

Includes a variety of tools such as poker sticks, brushes, shovels, tongs, and rings for comprehensive fireplace management.

Some users may find the number of tools overwhelming.

Comes with a stand for organized storage of tools.

The stand may take up considerable space, which could be a disadvantage in smaller living areas.

The long tool arms allow for safe management of the fire from a distance, reducing the risk of burns and accidents.

Longer tools can be more difficult to manoeuvre for people with less upper body strength.

Ergonomic metal handles ensure a comfortable and secure grip.

Metal handles can become hot to touch if exposed to fire for prolonged periods.

Helps in maintaining a safe and clean fireplace by removing residual firewood and ashes.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the tools is required to keep them in optimal condition.

Despite a few drawbacks, the Plow & Hearth 5 Piece Hand Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set is highly recommended for its quality and durability.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Fireplace Tools

Choosing the right fireplace tools involves considering factors such as material quality, finish and style, stability of the stand, as well as size and number of tools in a set. It's vital to select tools made from durable materials like wrought iron or stainless steel for longevity.

The finish and style should blend with your home decor while promoting safety. A stable stand ensures that the tools are held securely, preventing potential fire hazards. Lastly, consider a set that includes all essential tools - poker stick, tongs, broom and shovel - at a size appropriate for your fireplace.

Material and quality

Sturdy fireplace tools stand up to heat and frequent use, making material choice crucial. The market offers sets made from various metals like wrought iron, brass, cast iron, stainless steel, and hammered steel.

Each has its advantages; for instance, wrought iron options tend to be budget-friendly without sacrificing durability. Stainless steel sets are especially long-lasting due to their resistance to rust and tarnish.

Ergonomic metal handles enhance longevity further compared to wooden alternatives. Premium picks such as the Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets showcase these qualities with high-grade wrought iron construction and a one-year warranty ensuring reliable performance.

Finish and style

Choosing the right finish and style of fireplace tools plays a big role in maintaining a cohesive look in your home. Not only should these tools serve their functional purpose, but they can also add to the overall aesthetic of your living space if chosen correctly.

Whether you prefer sleek stainless steel or rustic wrought iron, there's an array of finishes and styles available to match any decor. In essence, well-chosen fireplace tools don't just keep your fire burning efficiently; they contribute significantly to your room's design theme and enhance the visual appeal of your fireplace area.


Stability is a critical consideration when selecting the right fireplace tools. A stable set ensures that your tools stay upright, preventing accidental tipping and potential hazards.

Tool sets often have heavy, well-fitted bases to maintain balance even when all the tools are in use.

Moreover, stability contributes to the durability of your toolset over time. Tools that frequently fall can wear out or break faster due to consistent impact. Investing in a robust and steady fireplace tool set not only promotes safety but also prolongs the lifespan of your equipment for better fire management at home.

Size and number of tools

The standard fireplace tool set comprises four to five tools. These include a poker, broom, shovel, and tongs to manage the firewood and clean up ashes. Some sets may also feature an extra log holder or stand for convenience.

It's crucial to consider the size of these tools too. For indoor hearths, having tools with lengths of 26 inches or above ensures safe operation without being too close to the flames.

On the other hand, maintaining an outdoor fire pit might require larger utensils measuring about 44-48 inches or more in length for optimum safety and comfort while handling fires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into common queries like "Do the handles get hot while using the tools?" or "Is tool arm length important?", providing clear, concise answers to enhance your fireplace tool knowledge and usability.

Stay tuned for more insights!

Do the handles get hot while using the tools?

Yes, the handles of fireplace tools can heat up while using them. The degree to which they become hot varies depending on the material from which the handles are made. Metal handles, especially those crafted from wrought iron, offer superior longevity and heat resistance compared to their wooden counterparts.

However, even metal can get warm when exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged period. Some sets come equipped with ergonomic handles designed specifically to stay cooler during use.

Picking fireplace tools with such features could potentially save you from unwanted burns. Brass or gold-plated handle finishes may add aesthetic appeal but bear in mind that these materials tend to heat up faster than others.

Is tool arm length important?

The importance of tool arm length in a fireplace set can't be overstated. It plays a pivotal role when managing the fire, all while ensuring your safety. The ideal length may vary depending on whether you're using the tools indoors or outdoors.

For an indoor hearth, it's recommended to have tools with an arm length of at least 26 inches.

For outdoor use, longer arms are necessary - think about sticks that extend up to 44-48 inches or even higher. Extended lengths allow for efficient control over firewood placement and keep your hands safely distanced from potential sparks or flare-ups.

With proper tool arm length, convenience pairs with comfortability every time you reach out for these devices to tend a roaring flame.

Can I use these fireplace tools outside?

You certainly can use some fireplace tools outdoors. However, it hinges on the type of finish and material they're crafted from. Certain tools come with a rust-protective coating, specially designed for outdoor use.

Always check the manufacturer's recommendations to know if your toolset is suitable for outside use. Tool length becomes more critical when dealing with larger fires or outdoor fire pits — longer handles ensure safety by keeping you at a safe distance from crackling flames and flying embers.


Choosing the right fireplace tools can enhance safety, upkeep, and aesthetics of your home. Whether it's a sturdy set like the Amagabeli Garden & Home Fireplace Tools Sets or a budget-friendly option such as Gtongoko Fireplace Tools Set, there are numerous choices available to suit every need.

Remember to consider factors such as material, quality, style and size when buying your next fireplace tool set. Stay warm and safe with quality tools at hand!


1. What are the basic fireplace tools every home should have?

Every home should have a safe fire place with basic tools like a fireplace stand, brush bristles, ash vacuum, log and kindling rack; all of these can be found in sets like EveryMomentCounts or Best Choice Products Fireplace Tool Sets.

2. Why is it important to consider flammable things around the fireplace?

It's crucial to keep away flammable things from around the fireplace to avoid unnecessary fire accidents ensuring safety at home.

3. How does quality matter when choosing a broom or shovel for your fireplace?

Quality matters as good broom quality ensures efficient cleaning while sturdy heat resistant shovels aid in proper disposal of ash without the risk of accident or damage.

4. Can I use my fireplace tools both indoor and outdoor?

Yes! Fireplace toolsets such as those provided by Muskoka Signature Series or Stanbroil Outdoor Campfire allow both indoor and outdoor usage due to their design and material.

5. Is there any way I can save space while storing my Fireplace tools?

Absolutely! You can opt for space-saving designs such as Pottery Barn Industrial 44" Fireplace Screen with Doors that integrate storage with functionality enhancing overall aesthetics too!

6. Where can I find replacement brushes if need be?

Replacement brushes for most branded tool sets including Amagabeli Garden & Home 5-Piece set are often readily available online on their official websites along with warranty period details.


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