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7 Stone Fireplace Trends For 2023

By Pedro Calcano November 08, 2023 0 comments

A contemporary living room with a stone fireplace and modern furniture.

Can't quite pin down the perfect fireplace design for 2023 because of all the choices swirling around? Trust us, we can relate to that feeling. It's like staring at a sea of options without knowing exactly what you're searching for.

Making this choice involves due diligence in considering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, material, and design - surely not a decision to be rushed into!

We've taken some time to do deep-diving research, so you wouldn't have to sweat yourself. Check out these seven stone fireplace trends that are making waves in 2023; they just might simplify your quest in finding that ideal warm centerpiece! So, let's stoke up our creativity and dive right in together!

Key Takeaways

  • 2023 will see different types of fireplaces like wood-burning, electric, and gas trending. Wood ones have a rustic charm and are eco-friendly, while electrics offer convenience. Gas fireplaces can create big flames for warmth.
  • Large-scale fireplaces with materials like marble or granite will become popular in living areas to make bold statements. They provide big flames that enhance the cozy ambiance typical for social gatherings around massive hearths.
  • Four-sided glass fireplaces will gain popularity due to their unique structure, which lets you enjoy the radiant warmth from every angle.
  • Eco-friendly designs such as electric and gas fireplaces are becoming more important in 2023; they help reduce environmental impact while still providing heat without releasing harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace for 2023

A modern gas fireplace is surrounded by stylish furniture in a living room.



When it comes to choosing the perfect fireplace for 2023, consider your options among wood-burning, electric, and gas fireplaces. Each type offers unique features that can enhance your home's aesthetics while providing warmth and comfort.

Wood burning

Wood-burning fireplaces bring a unique warmth and rustic charm to any room. They operate at efficiency ratings between 60 and 90 percent, making them an excellent choice for those seeking efficient heating options.

One distinct advantage is the sensory experience they offer, from the crackling sound of burning logs and the flickering flames in a big viewing area to the unmistakable scent of burning wood.

Plus, wood as a renewable resource contributes to their eco-friendly reputation. By choosing woods like oak or beech, known for high heat output and longer burn times, homeowners can maximize their fireplace's performance.

However, keep in mind that maintaining these types requires regular cleaning and chimney inspections for safety purposes.


Electric fireplaces are making a massive stride in the 2023 fireplace trends. Their favorable features include affordability, energy efficiency, and convenience with a straightforward plug-in system.

With these fireplaces, there’s no need for wood or gas supplies; just find a great spot to place it, plug it into an electrical outlet, and you're good to go!

We see the rise of smart electric fireplaces that integrate seamlessly with other home automation systems. Imagine controlling your fireplace using Alexa or smartphone apps; this is not the future but the present reality! One exemplary model worthy of note here is Celsi Electriflame VR Louvre Electric Wall Fire.

It's wall-mounted design adds sophistication while saving up on space.

A contemporary living room with a stone fireplace and modern furniture.


Gas fireplaces are taking the lead in 2023 design trends for their efficiency and easy use. They switch on quickly, making them perfect for spontaneous social gatherings around a warm hearth. Traditional gas fireplace designs come with stone or rock surrounds, creating a rustic look that adds to any interior. The big flames from these fireplaces offer more warmth, adding comfort during chillier seasons.

Many homeowners favor gas fireplaces with log sets as they blend the simplicity of gas with the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace. For those who love variety, convertible options allow easy switching between gas and wood-burning modes anytime you wish.

Top Stone Fireplace Trends for 2023

A contemporary living room featuring a prominent natural stone fireplace.

Natural stone fireplaces are taking center stage in the upcoming year. The timeless rustic appeal of natural stones such as marble, granite, and limestone is still hugely popular, but we're seeing more modern interpretations in 2023 designs.

For instance, sleek lines and minimalistic ensembles are becoming a common sight among those who prefer a contemporary feel to their spaces.

Contrasting colors act as another major trend for stone fireplaces next year. Many homeowners will be pairing lighter stones with dark backgrounds or vice versa to create beautiful visual dynamics at play.

Statement stones—which can stand alone due to their unique characteristics—are also projected to gain increased popularity for giving an instant lift to any room interior.

One exciting trend emerging on the horizon is the use of large-scale fireplaces. We're starting to see some bold decisions from homeowners who are now choosing oversized hearths that demand attention within room interiors.

These impressive installations not only serve as practical heat sources but double up as remarkable focal points, transforming living rooms into social gathering spots during colder months.

Minimalistic Fireplaces


A contemporary, patterned fireplace captured in wide-angle landscape photography.

Minimalistic fireplaces are making a major statement in 2023. These designs, rooted in simplicity and functionality, make use of clean lines and straightforward shapes to create a striking aesthetic.

Critical to their popularity is the ability to customize elements such as the mantel, surround, and hearth, allowing homeowners to truly make their fireplace stand out.

Among minimalistic fireplaces, frameless models take center stage due to their sleek, sharp linear designs which can easily be personalized according to individual preferences. Complementing any interior setting from contemporary style homes to rustic lodges; these fireplaces not only add warmth but also serve as an artistic focal point for any room.

Moreover, convertible options that alternate between gas and wood-burning capabilities are gaining traction among those who appreciate versatility along with sophisticated design styles.

Another exciting trend within minimalist surrounds is the use of bright colors or old-time patterns, which adds a pop of visual interest without overwhelming the decluttered space inherent in this style.

Whether you're drawn towards neutral shades like modern beige or prefer more daring hues mixed with vintage touches -creating your dream fireplace has never been easier or more stylish!

Large-Scale Fireplaces

A modern gas fireplace is surrounded by stylish furniture in a living room.

Large-scale fireplaces are making a comeback, poised to be an interior design trend in 2023. They offer homeowners the ability to make a bold statement in their living areas. These stunning centerpieces command attention and create a luxurious feel with their sheer size and grandeur.

The cost of installing these large-scale fireplaces can vary significantly based on various factors such as materials used and the complexity of the design. For instance, custom luxury wood-burning fireplaces can push costs upwards of $30,000; however, they are expected to deliver an unparalleled rustic traditional hearth experience.

On the other hand, gas versions of large-scale fireplaces promise high-efficiency rates and customization options that allow for personal style expressions while achieving more warmth from the fireplace.

Despite being distinctly different in their operation mechanisms, both wood burning and gas variants aim to provide big flames that enhance the cozy ambiance typical of social gatherings around massive hearths.

Materials like brick or natural stone, including marble or granite, often embellish these fireplaces, making them not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing focal points within space.

Beyond beauty considerations, though, practical use of space is critical when planning for such installations due to their expansive sizes so careful deliberation exists between maintaining room's versatility versus fireplace positioning for maximal effect.

Do remember that creating a standout fireplace design isn't just about scale but also involves customizing elements like mantels, surrounds and hearth which serve as an opportunity to further tweak aesthetics according your personal taste whether it's modern minimalist surround or vintage-inspired decor complete with old-time patterns set against bright colors.

Eco-Friendly Fireplaces

A modern living room with a sleek multi-functional fireplace as the focal point.

Going green is no longer an option but a necessity in our daily lives, and the trend is making its way into 2023's fireplace trends. Eco-friendly fireplaces minimize environmental impact while still providing that all-important sense of warmth and ambiance to your living space.

The upcoming wave of eco-conscious designs includes electric fireplaces, which produce heat without releasing harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Gas fireplaces are gaining popularity as another environmentally conscious choice because they emit less particulate matter compared to traditional wood-burning hearths. An excellent example is The Passion HE Gas Fire with Provence Fascia from The Collection by Michael Miller, known for its high efficiency and low emissions.

These eco-friendly options don't skimp on aesthetics either; you can expect beautiful flame visuals along with reduced environmental impact.

Outdoor fireplace designs also provide greener alternatives for your backyard hangouts or alfresco dining experiences. They come in various styles including wood-burning, electric, and gas versions depending upon individual requirements or preferences.

Apart from being environment friendly, these outdoor additions offer a significant return on investment too – imagine enjoying winter evenings around a warm fire pit in your own backyard!

Multi-Functional Fireplaces


A modern living room with a sleek multi-functional fireplace as the focal point.

Adapting to the busy lifestyle of 2023, multi-functional fireplaces redefine comfort and utility. They go beyond heating rooms, offering versatility while packing a functional punch.

These contemporary designs serve as book shelves, TV stands or even home entertainment systems - fashioning practical space use with style.

Take the Suncrest Detroit 47 Inch Electric Fireplace Suite for instance. This piece elegantly doubles as a TV stand, proving that form can coexist with function. It's not just about aesthetics; multi-functional fireplaces are also eco-friendly alternatives providing more warmth from their fireplace thus making them a hot trend in 2023.

As such, they are perfect for those seeking versatile options within their homes without compromising on design or functionality.

Four-Sided Glass Fireplaces

Four-sided glass fireplaces are skyrocketing in popularity, quickly becoming a leading trend for 2023. Their unique structure allows the radiant warmth and light of the fire to be experienced from every angle.

This ensures that no matter where you're standing or seated in the room, you'll have full view access to the mesmerizing dance of flames.

Usually designed with transparent inserts, these types of fireplaces not only provide a stunning visual sensation but also help save energy. The sleek construction adds a modern minimalist touch while offering spectacular aesthetics.

Four-sided glass fireplaces, known for their sharp linear designs, can transform any space into an inviting social gathering spot filled with warmth and soft lighting.

A contemporary living room featuring a prominent natural stone fireplace.

Open Fireplaces

Open fireplaces continue to be a beloved addition to many homes, creating proud focal points that draw the eye. Their bold flames also find favor in commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants.

In these settings, an open fireplace exudes warmth, inviting guests to settle in and enjoy their surroundings.

Classic fuels such as oak and beech wood remain popular options for 2023 but don't overlook new entrants like gas or electric alternatives. These innovative variants offer convenience without compromising the hypnotic allure of dancing flames.

Also making a resurgence are vintage-style open fireplaces with their curvaceous forms and dark-colored surrounds adding an air of elegance.

Looking ahead, designers are leaning towards hanging fireplaces with either open or closed hearths. This exciting blend of nostalgia and modernity is expected to feature prominently in contemporary spaces throughout 2023.

Fireplaces with Big Viewing Areas

A modern living room with a sleek multi-functional fireplace as the focal point.

Big viewing areas in fireplaces have stolen the spotlight for 2023. These designs enhance the fireplace experience, creating a cozy environment that acts as a social gathering point.

The flames can be seen dancing from nearly any spot in the room, offering more warmth from the fireplace and adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, options like Acucraft's custom fireplaces come with either gas or wood-burning features and are enriched by stylish log sets. These massive hearths give off tall flames that command attention.

Two- or four-sided glass fireplaces offer an expansive view of these captivating scenes, making them not just sources of heat but also luxurious additions to your living spaces.

Versatile Fireplaces

Versatile fireplaces are a design favorite, adding character and charm to any living space. The customization options are endless, with the opportunity to use various materials like brick, natural stone, plaster, tile, concrete, metal, or wood to create your unique fireplace.

These adaptable centerpieces not only offer cozy warmth but can also be utilized as functional art pieces in your home.

Electric fireplaces prove their versatility as they provide an affordable and energy-efficient choice for homeowners who want flexibility without compromising on ambience. Then there's gas fireplaces that take versatility up a notch offering countless customization options tailored to match different interior styles.

Open fireplaces become stunning focal points in homes by casting ample light and creating soothing spectacles of dancing flames. Let's also not forget about two- or four-sided fireplaces; these provide full-view access from every angle extending the visual warmth throughout multiple rooms - truly versatile indeed!

How to Achieve the Perfect Fireplace Look

Creating the perfect fireplace look is a blend of choosing statement stones, experimenting with contrasting colors, and making practical use of space. Statement stones offer a sense of grandeur to your fireplace while contrasting colors add aesthetic appeal.

To efficiently utilize space, consider installing built-in shelves or integrating your fireplace into an entertainment center. Remember that the overall design should reflect your personal style and complement the existing décor in your home.

Statement Stones

Statement stones are redefining the decor arena with their sheer elegance and grandeur. These prominent pieces work like magic, instantly enhancing a room's aesthetic appeal. If you're going for a minimalist style or aiming to create an opulent nook in your living room, statement stones serve both purposes effectively.

In 2023, luxurious materials such as marble, slate, and granite will dominate fireplace trends. You can choose to adorn just the space around the chimney or leave no stone unturned by extending up to the ceiling.

Embrace these statement stones - they add a rustic yet modern touch that makes every fireplace unique and sophisticated.

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors are taking center stage in fireplace design trends for 2023. They add a lively touch to the space and can dramatically change the mood of any room. For example, dark-colored surrounds bring an unexpected twist to vintage fireplaces by creating striking contrast.

In contemporary styles, we opt for bold contrasting hues that breathe life into modern aesthetics. If keen on going beyond traditional tiles for your surround, consider using wallpaper! It offers a myriad of patterns and hues, perfect for achieving contrasting looks.

So whether you're sprucing up your existing hearth or installing a new one, don't shy away from playing with contrasting colors—it's all about making your fireplace pop!

Practical Use of Space

Maximizing the area around your fireplace adds flair to your living space. Integrating built-in shelves or cabinets on either side of the fireplace can provide excellent storage without taking up additional room.

Mounting your flat-screen TV above the hearth, for instance, saves you floor space and creates a focal point in your living area. You could even consider designing a dual-sided fireplace that serves two rooms at once, offering warmth and ambiance to both sides while effectively utilizing available space.

For compact spaces, wall-mounted fireplaces work best as they are great space savers while delivering substantial heat output.

The Return on Investment of Fireplaces

Investing in a fireplace can significantly increase the value of your home. A well-designed fireplace not only enhances the ambiance but also provides efficient heating capabilities, resulting in energy savings over time.

Wood-burning stoves, for instance, offer efficiency ratings between 60 and 90 percent.

Financial incentives aren't the only return on investment; fireplaces have noteworthy non-financial returns as well. They provide a cozy atmosphere that promotes relaxation and comfort.

This inviting environment is beneficial for mental wellbeing and improves overall quality of life at home. So, opting for a luxury wood-burning or gas fireplace isn't merely an expenditure; it's an investment in lifestyle enhancement too!


A cozy stone fireplace can become the ultimate destination in your home. As we look forward to 2023, various styles emerge as distinctive trends, adding warm and welcoming vibes to our living spaces.

Whether it's a minimalist design or a grand spectacle, there's much excitement around the transformative power of fireplaces. Stay ahead with these developing trends and give your home an enchanting allure that captures everyone's attention!


1. What are some stone fireplace trends for 2023?

For 2023, expect to see rustic traditional hearths, frameless fireplaces and dual-sided designs in the trendiest homes. Homeowners can also look forward to options featuring big flames with a gas fireplace or wood fireplaces with large viewing areas.

2. Are there versatile stone fireplace options available in 2023?

Yes, one of the anticipated trends for 2023 is versatility. Fireplaces may be convertible or designed for more than one room like indoor/outdoor wood and gas fireplaces.

3. How will decoration trends affect fireplaces in 2023?

Fireplace decorations in marble, tile or stone will be popular as they enhance aesthetics while conforming to safety features.

4. Can I have a custom-built fireplace that follows the latest design trend?

Absolutely! Acucraft Fireplace Systems offers custom gas and wood burning fireplaces along with custom stone surrounds aligning with your preferred design style based on their inspiring designs gallery.

5. What color schemes should I consider when designing my fireplace area?

Neutral colors remain timeless favorites while modern beige and gray tones are expected to prevail living rooms. For added personal touch, lively dining room paint colors could give your space a unique twist!

6.What should I consider when choosing suitable materials for my new trendy fireplace?

Consider fuel types such as oak wood for authenticity if you're going for a rustic plot twist., also factor-in other elements like quality performance, warranty terms and conditions while making your decision.


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