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Buck Stoves are American-made providing you with high-quality wood-burning stoves in different styles and sizes. They fit into your home’s decor and produce heat for your family room, dining room, or even the kitchen.

For more than forty-four years, Buck Stove is a tradition and American icon. It has become a top stove manufacturer from the mountains of North Carolina. The company works hard on their styles and designs. It puts its heart into the manufacturing process to make sure that they only provide the best quality products to consumers.

Inspired by a family-grown company’s humble beginnings since 1970, it has grown into a leading stove manufacturer today. The company started with the combined efforts of two brothers who created the starter product. Their innovative and creative minds have transformed the first Buck wood stove. It was created as a response to the national energy crisis and the need for alternative heating fuel. From that first creation, it has grown into a group of leading products which includes Buck fireplaces and stoves. To complete the set, they also offer Buck stove parts and accessories which are distributed nationwide. Some of their best sellers include the Buck Stove Model 91 and the Buck Stove Model 94NC.

Buck Stove Model 91 Catalytic Wood Stove

$2,892.00 $3,615.00
SAVE 20%

Buck Stove Model 81 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

$2,481.00 $2,977.20
SAVE 17%

Buck Stove Model 18 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

Sold Out $2,868.99
SAVE 19%

Buck Stove Model 261 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

$2,274.00 $2,468.99

Buck Stove Model 74 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

$1,953.00 $2,343.60
SAVE 17%

Buck Stove Model 21 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove

$1,603.00 $1,923.60
SAVE 17%